Aqua Central Vacs
JoNell Erhart

"When my husband Jerry attended a dealer seminar in Salt Lake City about our new dealership with Aqua Air Wet/Dry Built-In Total Cleaning Systems the class instructor told the dealers "There is one thing you will need. It will give you 90% of your leads." He turned the page and there written in big letters was "The Construction Monitor.” He gave all the attendees forms for subscribing and all the info to make contact with the company. My husband Jerry laughed and said, "I know all about this company. My wife and mother-in-law do the inputting of information for them. One of the owners is my neighbor." He told the other dealers he knows first hand how much work is put into the publication to have it as accurate and as complete info as possible." JoNell Erhart, Owner - Aqua Air Wet/Dry Built-In Total Cleaning Systems - Stevensville, MT