Release Notes


  • Corrected an issue with our API that was causing some known errors to return as unknown errors. 
  • Fixed an issue causing knowledge base articles to not display


  • Fixed an issue causing the area request form to not load in some circumstances


  • South Carolina addresses are no longer available on any mailing labels or the mailing label tool due to state laws


  • Updated PowerSearch map results page to be ordered map first on mobile for a better experience


  • Update XML sitemap


  • Removed Permit Insights product from the website. (If you have any questions about this please use the contact us page)


  • Corrected an issue where a small amount of permits would error when trying to view them due to an invalid square footage value.


  • Released new Powersearch to Map feature that allows basic map interactions


  • Powersearch now defaults to Permit Date descending
  • Corrected an issue involving some records not having all the correct flat file fields on the API


  • The saved search feature now allows 100 saved searches (up from 30)


  • The Coverage Map is now pickier about showing only jurisdictions with recent collection


  • Resolved an issue where mapping access would break if new customer still had an active trial account under the same email


  • We've implemented new security features to protect the website and login process
  • Corrected an issue involving ordering dates on powersearch between years introduced several months ago in our additions to powersearch with geocode, and solar fields.


  • We resolved an issue for clients who could not log in without error when all of their subscriptions were on hold or inactive.


  • We've made several improvements to the login flow to better prevent malicious attempts
  • Added several attributes to our customer support beacon for better support experiences
  • Fixed a bug preventing trial logins from logging in created by our beacon changes


  • Resolved some process issues with Refer a friend, so it should work more reliably


  • Fixed an issue causing the Weekly Edition by Area Id endpoint on the API to break


  • Fixed an issue causing the Weekly Edition by Publish Id endpoint on the API to break


  • The new radius search now works in conjunction with strict location filter, prior it worked instead of strict location filters. (Area, County, and Jurisdiction selections)


  • Saved Search Notices were not correctly updated to use lat/long. This has now been resolved, so all saved search notices should now load without issue
  • Construction Monitor will no longer be skipping weeks for holidays (July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas), and instead publish whatever amount of permits are done. We are still giving our Data team's the flexibility to take time off that week above our usual limits, so expect smaller publications, and any permits collected in that time frame to come in the following week.


  • Power Search now features a radius geocode search. It uses the centerpoint of the given zipcode, to filter permits with known geocodes within that range.
  • Added a link to a system status page that can be used to monitor downtime and get status reports


  • We altered most powersearch parameters to trim extra whitespace (spaces and tabs primarly) off the end of inputs, this should resolve observed inconsistencies caused by copying + pasting data into the form. (Many copy operations will copy a tab or space after the word)


  • Finished updating old CSV files with the new fields where available. (Geocode data should go back all the way, solar data is largely only avaliable from 2017 onward


  • Fixed an issue with the API causing swimming pool subscriptions to not filter correctly


  • Resolved an issue causing saved search notifications to fail (as a result of the changes to powersearch as a whole)
  • Resolved an issue where Construction Types with commas were not correctly filtering.


  • Implemented new back end caching for powersearch, so that searches will not re-execute on each page, but instead when executing a search the entire 5000 result window will be cached. This mains when exporting the result, or going to other pages, the results will load without database interaction reducing load and improving performance.


  • Launched Powersearch with updated column references
    • Solar Size, Solar Power Unit
    • Geocode Date, Geocode Lat, Geocode Long, Geocode Precision


  • Updated Terms of Service page with latest Terms of Service.


  • Fixed references on map from MSA to CBA and CBSA.


  • Added New Tutorial Videos for all tools.


  • Added slide for The International Home Builder's Show in Las Vegas, 2019
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Refer a Friend to error if too much data was input.


  • Updated map on homepage to reflect coverage in all 50 states.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause PowerSearch results to be inaccurate using a comma separated list of things.
  • Added slide for The International Surfaces Event in Las Vegas, 2019


  • Improved display of third party integrations on Power Search results.


  • Improved support for logging into Brink's mapping system from Construction Monitor's website.


  • Improved Tooling for Third Party Integration with Service Proz.


  • Added CEDIA slide to the slide deck. See you there!


  • Updated back end functionality to have a better concept of what environment it's running in for more stable development going forward.
  • Fixed a bug causing New Company Report to error on non publish weeks.
  • Added support for Third Party CRM provider, Service Proz.


  • Added information for failed logins when they are inactive but have a working username and password.


  • Sessions can no longer last longer then 20 hours
  • IBS 2018 slide added


  • Further improvements to new 7 day trial system


  • Added web trial form for 7 days free trial access


  • Significant back end changes to the structure of the website
  • Further refinements to the shopping cart experience


  • Fixed some YouTube links that were either broken, or pointing to an old version of our channel.
  • New views and displays for the shopping cart to further improve the experience.
  • New form for sending testimonials.


  • Continued improvements on the shopping cart experience
  • Customers and prospects can now add premium mapping products both at check out, and after check out.
  • Added the ability to view original permit documents if they exist.
  • Improved view of the shopping cart experience to differentiate our different subscriptions better.


  • New ordering and shopping cart experience, more to come!
  • Permit counts on map are now more reliable
  • New explanation video on site to let the world know what we do.


  • Added Permit Insights Mapping


  • Corrected an issue preventing past due notifications from showing up


  • Made improvements to how redirects are handled after logging in. Should be more reliable
  • Update trial logins to use the new login mechanism
  • Removed mobile specific views. Not needed with responsive layout


  • Added Publish Year and Publish Week to Saved Search Notifications
  • Corrected an issue that prevented Publish Notifications from going out for 3 weeks.


  • Updated back end for how Log Ins are handled
  • Updated Map from Flash to HTML5/JS and added extra detail like recent permit counts and MSAs.


  • Added a form for area requests.


  • Fixed a bug causing the saved search unsubscribe to error while reporting back its status to the customer


  • Added a new slide on the homepage for the 2017 ISE show.
  • increased cap on the mailing labels tool from 600 addresses (20 pages) to 1200 addresses (40 pages).
  • Redid some under the hood wiring for how marketing forms on the site are handled.


  • Added a new slide on the homepage for the 2017 IBS show.



  • Logins are now required to agree to a terms of service and copyright before logging in.
  • Fixed a bug involving the inability to submit valuations on Power Search with commas in them.
  • Fixed a bug involving the "Pay Now" invoice button to make the menu button non-interact-able on mobile devices.


  • Updated front page product graphic to include MO
  • Added market area list to lead generation form
  • Corrected a URL on our news page on request
  • Added some code to ensure forms don't get submitted without an area
  • Updated styling on page following the forgot password page form


  • Added a minified version of a 3rd party javascript library
  • Improved speed of primary layout by removing some dynamic function calls and replacing with hardcoded information
  • Improved speed of search results rendering (not the search itself), by removing some dynamic function calls and replacing with hardcoded information
  • Improved speed of weekly editions rendering, by removing dynamic function calls and replacing with hardcoded information


  • Made various reference changes to deal with an updated server architecture.


  • Fixed header scaling for different size screens
  • Added ability to run top company report without combining corporate/subsidary offices.


  • Added hyperlinks to PDF generated reports, so users can click on the description and get the detail page on our site
  • Updated pricing for stats only subscriptions



  • Fix for maps not showing up correctly on the permit detail page


  • Fixed a bug involving valuation filters on Power search
  • Updated our print styles to no longer include URLs
  • Improved what elements are or aren't included when printing
  • Added new news article
  • Added new helpscout beacon, used to send emails to Construction Monitor right from our website. Can be accessed by clicking on the question mark in the bottom right corner


  • Multiple Area, County, and Jurisdiction select added for Detailed Statistics tool
  • Multiple Area, County, and Jurisdiction select added for Top Company Reports
  • Created Release Note Page


  • Fully Responsive Bootstrap based site
  • New download system to more accurately inform users of download progress/status.