Powersearch How To

  • To view only Owner-Builders, select Owner-Builder from the drop down and leave the right field blank.
  • You can search multiple contractors (or developer, owner, tenent, etc.) by seperating entries with a comma. For example, enter "item one,item two" to search for items with those names.
  • Select date range, or fill in the "Publish Week" box to the left to filter by a publication week. (Dates will be ignored when filtering by publication week). When searching by publication week you will only be able to search about 45 weeks back.
  • You can specify a week range, example: "1-10" to get multiple weeks at a time. You can also specify a comma seperated list of weeks, example: (2,4,6)
  • To pull multiple searches by Construction Type, Area, County, or Jurisdiction hold down the CtrL key and click, or drag.
  • Jurisdiction is based on the legal jurisdiction that issues the permits and may not always match to the Postal City. Experiment with using both of them to get the record sets that work best for you.
  • To pull multiple searches by zip, city, or permit description place a comma between each of the search criteria, for example: "84095,84094,84093" or "Cedar City,Enoch,Parowan".
  • For a minimum value fill in the first field only, for a maximum fill in the second field only. To search for an exact value fill in both fields with an identical amount.
  • To search by a radius: enter a zip code, a radius in miles, and choose the minimum precision desired. Both the zip filter, and zip radius work together. The center of the search is the center of the zip provided. The precision ranges from Zip5 (the least accurate, usually city-level), to Zip9 (the most accurate, usually block-level). Only permits that have geocoding coordinates available, and meet the desired precision or higher will be included in the results.

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For a list of columns in the spreadsheet format and their explanations click here .