Developer Tools

Process large amounts of permit data through Construction Monitor's API or automated weekly data dumps via secure FTP. Both of these powerful tools have been built with an understanding that handling millions of records requires finely tuned technology.


Leverage our REST API to directly access the data that you need through data synchronization or ad hoc searches, create middleware to automate delivery of permit data into other platforms, or utilize delta arguments to receive updates made to permits.

The API is built on elasticsearch and uses JSON to communicate after a simple authentication scheme. Can be implemented in any language where HTTP calls are made.

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Weekly Editions
Keep current with our weekly edition. Each week we release a new edition with thousands of construction leads.
Search our construction leads for your next construction job or run a detailed report for project specifics.
Top Company Reports
Identify the most active builders in your market to see who you should be spending your valuable time bidding with.
Developer Tools
Use our REST API to gain direct access to all of our data. Automate your process or incorporate our information into your Big Data reporting.
Real-time Leads
Stay up-to-date with new construction leads added hourly. We have building information on the latest construction reports.
Detailed Statistics
Track new trends, compare areas and market share. Track construction project activity with building permit info
Mailing Labels
Print mailing labels from our database for direct marketing campaigns. Each of our sales leads include key names and contact information.
Permit Mapping
Identify permits and opportunities in areas using specific criteria. See which contractors have the most activity in your area.