123.NET, Inc.
Rhett Billings

Raenbo Allen provided me a most excellent training session today! I particularly appreciated her sense of humor which made the whole experience so delightful and memorable. Outstanding trainer, too! :)

Southfield MI

Environmental StoneWorks
Joshua Murphy

Out of all the lead services companies I interact with in my role, Construction Monitor is by far the easiest to work with. Our Rep Amy checks in frequently and is always available when I have questions.

Centennial CO

Saville's Furniture
Carl Neve

We worked with Serena to get set up on their system. She was very helpful and pleasant to work with. The information is just what we are looking for. Thanks!

St George UT

Martin Marietta
Shaun Forks

I am a huge fan of this company and the service they provide. I've subscribed to their permit reports for years now and love how there is a mapping function, export options, and there is always someone that listens when requests come in. I cannot recommend this enough to anyone that values construction insight and relies on consistent data availability.

San Antonio TX

Slide Right of Tucson
Jadah Morrison

I feel very informed about the potential of work I have in my region since joining construction monitoring. I have inside information that can help me with promotion and outreach. Very valuable information that saves me a lot of time.

Surprise AZ

Westates Construction
Randy Campbell

I have been working with Serena Close. I had specific data requests and she has done a great job in providing me with what I wanted. If you're considering using Construction Monitor, request to speak to Serena, she is very pleasant and conscientious to work with.

North Salt Lake UT

Event Restroom
Dena Saltsman

Construction Monitor has been an absolute blessing. We became a member 5 weeks ago and the leads we closed have already paid for 6 months of service. The staff is easily accessible,knowledgeable and more than happy to help. Construction Monitor is definitely worth the fee. Thanks everyone at Construction Monitor!!

Gretna LA

Gary's Vacuflo Inc
Gary Phillips


Portland OR

Pacific Shore Stones
Amy Melrose

The Construction Monitor has been my go to for generating leads for years. The weekly permits contain a wealth of information. Brad was great to work with, he followed up, ensured my subscription included just what I needed and at a fair price.

Fresno CA

Aterra Designs
Joel Price

We just started with the service, and I can already tell that it will be extremely helpful for our company! I also want to point out how wonderful their customer service is. Our Sales Associate is Amanda, and she is a class act from first to last. She is personable, understanding, accommodating, and NOT "salesy" in the least. That last part is the most important of all. She understood what we wanted, and directed us to the appropriate level of service. Her follow-up is impeccable, and I honestly looked forward to speaking with her. That's a great rep!-JP

Scottsdale AZ

Seth Chisholm

Our Rep Pauline at CM is amazing to work with. She is very responsive and attentive to our company's needs. Although we are in the early stages of national adoption to the system, the staff seem to really value what CM brings to the table and its overall accuracy for increased sales production.

Indianapolis IN

Contractors Employment Service
Teresa Moore

I have been using CM since shortly after it was available Oregon. Great company. Great Value.

Milwaukie OR

Paragon Granite
Amy Melrose

You do have a raving fan here. I look at the Construction Monitor every week and it has been a wonderful lead generator for me. So, you are guys are doing a great job.

Fresno CA

Dream Tech
Moshe Kirsh

I have only good words to tell about the people at Construction Monitor. From customer service, technical support and their sales. They all customer oriented people and deeply understand our needs. They created an easy to use format to minimize our effort and always willing to listen and improve.

Encino CA

Mary Ellen Simonsen

I have been using Construction Monitor for years. A long time ago, before discovering this wonderful service, I had to drive from city planning room to city planning room and that took up a lot of time and gas. Having the fully detailed report sent to me every week is such a treat. I look forward to seeing all the new jobs that I can pursue. This report it a great resource for sub-contractors that searching for more work. This report will work, but one has to put the time and effort into working all these leads that pertain to ones' trade. In just one year I was able to uncover over $1,000,000 of new business.

Santa Fe Springs CA

M and M Lumber/Structural Wood Components

We began subscribing to Construction Monitor in May 2014, and every week my salespeople and I "print" out the newest construction projects for Harris and Montgomery Counties, Texas. Not only has calling new construction brought more business, but we've expanded our reach by obtaining emails for easy follow-up and reminders. We provide materials for higher end homes with decorative beams, trusses, beam skins, etc. and I'm able to search for that clientele. The service has expelled any doubts about just picking up the phone. No matter where I go, I drive by homes being constructed. The next time I'm online, I type the street name, find the contractor, and call to introduce myself. I'm very happy to spend the little money I have for this service.

Houston TX

Continental Home Lending Center - Home Street Bank

As a Residential Construction Loan Officer for Home Street Bank, the Construction Monitor provides me with the statistical information I need to continue to finance builders.

Boise ID

First United Door Tech

I don't advocate signing up for every subscription service available, but over the years I have researched many available resources and found that Construction Monitor is the single most authoritative source of building permit information available anywhere. Over the course of 5 years and two companies, I have found that it's definitely proven more valuable than the cost!

Tempe AZ

Construction Monsters

I have been in the industry for two decades, and have found The Construction Monitor a valuable tool in finding new clients, tracking peers and trends, renewing relationships and discovering business opportunities. I am amazed at the amount of time I have spent reading it over the years and am always finding new uses for it. It is a tool my business needs to thrive and grow.

Provo UT

Frame Pro

The Construction Monitor works! Our framing business is up 73% thanks to The Construction Monitor.

Denver CO

CD Tile & Stone

I like the Construction Monitor because it saves a lot of time and gas for my outside sale reps.

Salt Lake City UT

Elite Construction Drywall Inc

Your company provides an excellent service. Your information is current and timely. As drywall & painting subcontractors, we are very pleased to have received the custom work from your leads. Keep up the good work!

Fresno CA

B & B Blinds & Builders Svcs LLC

Using The Construction Monitor has added potential customers in an easy to use understandable format to our business.

Gilbert AZ

GE Appliances Company

I have used The Construction Monitor since 1989 when Dave Mineer Sr first came around. The information has always been good accurate and timely. If you honestly use the names and prospect them you will get more business. It is also very useful for mass mailings and gets information to the right people. I really like The Construction Monitor.

American Fork UT

Colletti Design

The Construction Monitor has provided me the tools to not only gauge and know my client and their project prior to meeting them, but, has become the "Crystal ball" that me and my management team have always needed! Thank you for creating such a comprehensive tool for our company to excel with.

Tempe AZ

Coltrin Central Vac

I use my "Monitor" every day. Not only for lead generation, but for monitoring my existing account's activity. It's one of my most important tools.

Boise ID

Foresight Lighting

I have used The Construction Monitor at different times over many years. I always keep coming back to it as the perfect way to reach my target market.

Layton UT

Dugan Construction

The Construction Monitor keeps me advised on upcoming jobs. It has helped my company grow into much more than I ever thought it would have. All of my buddies around couldn't figure out how I continued to get jobs and they weren't. Thanks Construction Monitor!

Boise ID

Overhead Door Co Of SW Idaho-SI

The Construction Monitor is a very important part of our leads program. It also helps me keep track of our existing customers. I would find taking care of business without The Construction Monitor very difficult and a lot less organized.

Boise ID

Wolfgang Wilz

Absolutely a valuable source of information. Another great tool.

West Jordan UT

The Drywall Surgeons

We have used The Construction Monitor for many years. It has been invaluable to our company. It allows us to follow up on leads without having to expend all of the time and energy required to get access to the building permits in our area. We have found it thorough and effective for the use of our estimating and sales staff. Thank you for your great product. We intend on continuing its use.

Orem UT

Alloway Lighting

I find The Construction Monitor a valuable resource for potential sales leads.

Boise ID

Timberlake Cabinety

The Construction Monitor is a powerful sales tool. Its permit reports allow you to review accurate and detailed permit information as soon as they become available. The format is well organized and easy to follow. If you're trying to keep a pulse on residential and commercial permits, this is all you need.

North Las Vegas CA

Questar Gas

I really enjoy working with The Construction Monitor. The information they provide is very helpful for our company staying on top of new construction for residential and commercial. The employees are so easy and fun to work with. They are so helpful when I have a question. It makes my job a lot easier with their help and information.

Salt Lake City UT

Door Service Company

I look forward to receiving The Construction Monitor. We have had many leads that turned into new jobs for us. Thank you for your continued service. Keep up the good work!

Palm Springs CA

Rocky Mountain Systems

The Construction Monitor has been a great tool for our company. We have found many of our current contractors through this resource. Thank you for the great publication.

Layton UT

Accent Productions

The Construction Monitor has helped keep us informed to what is happening in real time by the permits being pulled. It keeps us up to date on who is really thriving and moving forward in today's market. This is where we need to concentrate our efforts with accurate information to go on.

Tucson AZ

Kelly Moore Paint Co

As a National Accounts Manager for the Kelly-Moore Paint Company, I am always trying to find valuable lead resources for our Sales Reps in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. The Construction Monitor has been a great asset for us, providing key contact info and up to date information on new construction projects for our sales reps to follow through with. I have no doubt that we have secured many projects utilizing this valuable resource. Sincere thanks!

Seattle WA

Excel Cabinets

The Construction Monitor has been a great asset to our company. We receive several leads each month that come from this publication. It saves us time and money. We are very glad to have this tool available to our company.

Salt Lake City UT

Custom Installation & Design

The Construction Monitor has been useful to me on two fronts. First, it gives me the contact listing on projects we wish to target. Second, it provides me with an overall feel of the building atmosphere in my area. For the low cost, it is extremely beneficial.

Hurricane UT

Wide World of Windows

The Construction Monitor has saved me thousands of dollars in gas not having to drive neighborhoods looking for possible leads on new builds. It has also been very beneficial in getting us new business with new customers, especially owner builders.

Chandler AZ

Western Rock Products

I have used The Construction Monitor for years to track permits in various counties to help me understand what is going on in the market place. I use it every single week. It is a great service to our company.

St George UT

A & E Security & Electronics Solution

I have found that when I receive the list on Friday morning it is very helpful when I am trying to help find leads to make our business grow for our company. In the security business like any other business it is very competitive, but I have been successful in getting work from not only commercial projects but residential ones too.

McMinnville OR

Robinson Brick Company

I have used The Construction Monitor for the last twenty years, the Monitor is by far the best tool for our sales people in generating reliable and up to date construction sales leads. Top Contractors Architects, mailing lables, building statistics the Monitor has it all you just can't ask for anything more Thank you Construction Monitor.

Salt Lake City UT

Action Garage Door

We deal with multiple building contractors in this valley and without The Construction Monitor, it would be difficult to keep up. With the information that is supplied to us we can keep track of our existing accounts and we also get leads on potential ones. Being able to track our customers future needs has been very beneficial to our company. Thank you!

Nampa ID

Lilienthal Insulation

We have tried other companies. The others just did not meet our needs. We are much happier using your information. Our salesmen are able to get right out and sell thanks to The Construction Monitor.

Kalispell MT

Excel Cabinets

The Construction Monitor is very useful in the business of selling cabinets and knowing "whats going on" in the construction industry. I look it through every Friday.

Salt Lake City UT

Leavitt Realty Company

I have been using the Monitor for several years. I have used the information to help me be aware of the available inventory in our area and to adjust pricing to fit the needs of the market. I have been able to match trends over a long period of time and it has helped me understand the ups and downs of the market in my area. I recommend the use of The Construction Monitor to stay informed and apply the information to the benefit of the real estate industry.

St George UT

Great Western Building Materials

Your permit info has been very helpful with tracking the building market.

Phoenix AZ

Designer Kitchens

The Construction Monitor is and has been a great tool for getting new business. I would refer The Construction Monitor to anyone who is trying to get solid leads for individuals needing work asap.

Los Angeles CA

Leslie's Swimming Pool

The Construction Monitor always provides excellent data records. I have had nothing but good experiences with your company. Thank you for all your work and great customer service.

Phoenix AZ

LKL Associates

We have great success with The Construction Monitor. The publication helps to keep us abreast of jobs bidding in the areas of business that we specialize in. We are informed of the general contractors as well as homeowners we need to concentrate on and find the information effective in building new sales. My local salespeople are able to chart and keep tabs on the progress of upcoming jobs and gather the info needed to make sales calls with valued potential. The Construction Monitor is a valuable tool we use often in the supply business.

Orem UT

Garage Doors Only

We have used The Construction Monitor for a few years now and I have found that the information is good. Our success has more than justified the cost of participating and the mailers. It saves us time and is very easy to print labels and send them out. Thanks!

Genola UT

Metro Masonry

The Construction Monitor has been invaluable as a tool to find new general contractors to contact. We have been faithful subscribers for a year, and will continue to do so!

Denver CO

Sunset Stone

The Construction Monitor has been an outstanding tool for our company. It keeps us aware of who is doing what in the market. We have also been successful in selling projects after we receive the information. We are very pleased with the tool.

Castle Rock CO

Barton Overhead Door

You have definitely helped us with sales as well as service. We will continue using The Construction Monitor for a long time.

Modesto CA

Gorton Construction

The Construction Monitor has provided us with accurate and detailed information for the last several years. The information we receive has allowed us to grow our company on all fronts; multi-family, single family new construction, and remodels.


Friends Lumber

We love The Construction Monitor.

Porterville CA

Insulation Plus LLC

The Construction Monitor assists our company track the current building projects. With access to accurate and up to date information we can use our sales resources efficiently.

Boise ID

Kamps Propane

The Construction Monitor has been a great asset. I can target potential clients by location, size and type of construction. I also appreciate that it is automatically emailed to me each week. The Monitor staff are obviously committed to providing an up-to-date, easy to use publication.

Sultana CA

Great Floors

We use The Construction Monitor on a regular basis. My builder sales representatives use the information to qualify potential new accounts each week.

Meridian ID

American Insulation Inc

As a custom home field estimator, The Construction Monitor has proved to be a very valuable tool in finding new projects. I use it every day and would not be without it. The information is accurate and arrives in my email each week.

San Diego CA

Apogee Waste LLC

It works!

Broomfield CO

Mountain Spa & Stove

I am a retailer of stoves and hot tubs and have been a subscriber for more than 10 years. As much as 25% of our potential customers are brought in with leads from The Construction Monitor.

Sandpoint ID

High Sierra Lumber Supply

We look forward each Friday to getting the scoop on whats coming up for future projects. All my outside salesmen wait eagerly for it to get here each week.

Tulare CA

Burton Lumber

I find The Construction Monitor to be an invaluable tool in the work I do. Couldn't do what I do without it.

Salt Lake City UT

5 Star Electric Inc

You publication has helped our company tremendously. I will renew for sure.

Salem OR

First United Door Tech

For the past five years I have been a subscriber of the Construction Monitor Reports and used them effectively in my marketing initiatives. The reports available provide a great framework within which I can customize and create a tailored marketing plan that fits my strategic goals. The information gives me a chance to break down different markets for forecasting, as well as helps to provide contact information on perspective clients. That is the reason why I selected Construction Monitor Reports. You need to integrate their service into your marketing plan. It's the most valuable and up-to-date resource you'll find anywhere.

Tempe AZ

Sonoran Products Inc

We have received quite a few jobs by using the Construction Monitor. It has been great to have the information at our fingertips.

Tucson AZ

Cotton Mill Cabinetry & Furniture Inc

We actively use the Construction Monitor and have found it to be a valuable asset in our marketing plan.

St George UT

Stock Building Supply

The Construction Monitor has been a great help to us. We use it to gauge local trends both short term and long term. It is always on time and we've come to depend on it.

St George UT

Sterling Communications

Using the info from Construction Monitor we have gained early entry into companies on the move and made sales that we might not have. It works.

Portland OR

Rocky Mountain Premix Inc

Without The Construction Monitor I used to spend a good part of every Saturday tracking the growth in my marketplace. This information is extremely important when you are a supplier in the construction industry. Without this timely information you would be blind to your marketplace!

Colorado Springs co

Dakota Mill & Cabinet

The Construction Monitor has been an extremely valuable and effective tool for finding information and sales leads. We couldn't function without it.

Ogden UT

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

I found the information to be of value to me in pursuit of new business, both new construction and remodeling.

Las Vegas NV

Foxworth Galbraith

The Construction Monitor has been a great tool for our Sales Staff to obtain all the important details of potential clients. It offers information that a lot of other publications do not disclose.

Casa Grande AZ

Cressy Door Co

The Construction Monitor has provided Cressy Door many great leads and has helped provide a tool for our sales staff.

Auburn WA

Buena Vista Custom Homes

The Construction Monitor is the ultimate tool in the construction business! Contractors call each other and compete for those top positions, saying such things to each other as: "I edged you out this week. I'm one step above you." They take the issue to the bank to use for leverage for loans.

Portland OR

Windows Doors & More

We have had great success with the report!

Seattle WA

Hansens All Seasons Insulation

To whom it may concern, I work for an insulation company in the Wasatch Front and use the Construction Monitor to make my living! I love the option you give under the Building Reports section of your web site. The building report form stops short of having the information I need. Can you add builders names & owner-builders names and phone numbers to the list, or at least an option? I am sure that this will be a great benefit for me and for others that use your service. I will attach an example that took me some time to put together. You probably have the capability to do it much quicker. Thank you for your time.

Provo UT

Chicago Title

The Construction Monitor has been a tremendously powerful tool to track builders' activity. Getting the information via email has given me the opportunity to jump on the information quickly. It allows me to pursue new customers and also helps me keep the customers that I currently have. I find the Construction Monitor a very valuable and powerful asset to our business and would higly recommend their service to anyone in the title industry.

Visalia CA

Backman-Stewart Title

To Whom It May Concern: The Construction Monitor has been a huge asset to our business. It allows us to position ourselves as the information experts for the construction industry. This helps us to build strategic alliances with Realtors, Mortgage Lenders, and other vital service companies that turn into new customers. Their web site is easy to use, powerful, and gives us all the information we need at our fingertips. We LOVE the Construction Monitor and would highly recommend it to other title companies, except those located in our market area.

Layton UT

Maranatha Drywall

As an independent contractor, one of the last things I have time to do is "marketing.” I subscribed to the Construction Monitor about a year ago and decided to hire someone to use the leads within the Monitor. Within an hour, the new commissioned sales representative had brought me 4 sets of plans. With such a tight economy, here in the Western Washington area I think it is crucial to take advantage of all the tools available to find and win new work. The Construction Monitor has been and will be an important part of our business.

Hoover Wallboard

I get a TON OF WORK out of the Construction Monitor. Each week I will mail about 50 flyers to permit holders within 10 to 15 miles from my office and 5 to 10 will call me. Sometimes I get so busy I don't have a chance to mail flyers from the new lists each week but I always know I have an incredible system for finding new projects if work should ever slow down. Thanks for your great service!

Glen Sudbury Drywall

Before the Construction Monitor came along, I used to spend hours of my time going to the city halls and collecting the building permit information myself. With the Construction Monitor, freeing up my time and giving me building permit information from several more cities I was able take my business from $100,000 to $2,200,000 gross annual income practically overnight. I do not even bother to advertise in the yellow pages anymore! I get an amazing 30% response from my mailers which I select from the Construction Monitor list each week. I find it very important to reply immediately to those who call in response to my flyer and find price is not nearly an issue as service and quality. I highly recommend the Construction Monitor to anyone who is involved in the construction industry!

All Purpose Windows & Doors

Thanks for your service when I have called on the phone. Everyone has been very professional, polite and patient. Keep up the good work. I appreciate the wonderful tool the Construction Monitor is to our business. Thank you!

Medallion Industries Inc
Ann M Marie

We have found our subscription to be a great tool with our sales department. It has become a valuable implementation to our weekly strategies. Construction Monitor has truly been an asset to us.

MBA of King & Snohomish Counties
Bobbi Bergston

Construction Monitor has been great for me. I receive accurate and timely information every week, and you are always responsive to my questions. Construction Monitor has definitely made our permit billing process much easier. Thank you for all your efforts. I look forward to continuing our excellent relationship.

Aqua Central Vacs
JoNell Erhart

"When my husband Jerry attended a dealer seminar in Salt Lake City about our new dealership with Aqua Air Wet/Dry Built-In Total Cleaning Systems the class instructor told the dealers "There is one thing you will need. It will give you 90% of your leads." He turned the page and there written in big letters was "The Construction Monitor.” He gave all the attendees forms for subscribing and all the info to make contact with the company. My husband Jerry laughed and said, "I know all about this company. My wife and mother-in-law do the inputting of information for them. One of the owners is my neighbor." He told the other dealers he knows first hand how much work is put into the publication to have it as accurate and as complete info as possible." JoNell Erhart, Owner - Aqua Air Wet/Dry Built-In Total Cleaning Systems - Stevensville, MT

Paula Greer

As a commercial appraisal firm, we have found your Construction Monitor to be invaluable for information on new construction activity in the Portland and Salem areas. It provides timely information with respect to new commercial projects, which can be difficult if not impossible to obtain from the municipal or county development departments. Your web site is well designed so that it is easy to access the information that we need. We like that we can sort by a variety of fields, depending on whether we are looking for information in a specific area, from a particular builder, or by type of property (retail, office, industrial). In addition, since the information is posted on your web site, we have access at any time that we need it, not just during "normal" business hours. We really appreciate the service you are providing.

Swiss Boy
Enrico Dubach

We have been subscribers to the Construction Monitor for over 5 years now and I wanted to let you know how important your reports are to our total marketing program. We sell Beam Vacuum Systems as well as intercoms and ironing centers. We have many competitors and it is important to get our name in front of the new homeowner as much as possible. We send a brochure packet to all building permits each week and then follow up with a sales call. The timeliness and accuracy of your reports has helped us do this very efficiently. We advertise in the newspaper and on the radio. We also attend seven home shows each year throughout Utah. Our direct mail program to building permits works with our other marketing efforts very well. Our business continues to grow and we credit the Construction Monitor for helping us to be successful. Keep up the good work!

Perfecto Carpet Co
Dolores Omartian

We find our subscription to the Construction Monitor beneficial to make contact with home improvement future customers as well as new homebuilders. With this method of personal contact we know what they are building or improving.

Pennsylvania Life Insurance Co
Amound Hawley

We work with independent contractors and supply them with disability income at a low cost. The Construction Monitor gives us the best and fastest access to these contractors at the lowest cost per prospect. It is a dynamite tool!

BMC West
Don Allem

Dear Construction Monitor: I would like to take this opportunity to express my support and endorsement to your publication. Since our subscription was initiated, our collective time and resources to consolidate city and county building permits in our marketing area, declined over 75%. Along with the cost savings, the accuracy of the information and timeliness of the report has enhanced our ability to respond faster to and for our customers. This report has produced for us far greater savings than its cost to us. Thanks again for a job well done.

Jordan School District
Dennis Johnson

One of my responsibilities is to track student growth for our school district. The building permits report adds another important component to the methodology for projecting student enrollments. I appreciate the Construction Monitor's building permits.

Dept Of Labor & Ind Employment
Cathy Brown Kummer

My field auditors depend on information published in the Construction Monitor to investigate alleged uninsured construction contractors in Montana. As the Uninsured Employers' Fund, it is our job to bring employers into compliance with the Workers' Compensation statutes of Montana. Checking the Construction Monitor as a resource helps us do that job.

Avista Corp
Randy Barcus

I use the Construction Monitor to track building activity in the Spokane Region. Besides providing me with a handy weekly update of residential permits, the material for large commercial and industrial permit valuations allows me to summarize valuation volatility between periods. I am periodically interviewed by the local press, and asked to interpret the Spokane Regional economy. The Construction Monitor provides accurate information in a timely manner with relatively low effort on my part, allowing me to focus on the explanation the impact of construction have as one of key drivers of the economy. The opportunity to provide data, along with the richness associated with each specific permit, gives me an information edge that adds to richness of my commentary.

Gale Insulation
Gary Tonks

"We use the Construction Monitor daily to provide us with the information necessary to our success. It is a proven time-saving asset!"

Ence Homes
Vince Clayton

Ence Homes has subscribed to the Construction Monitor since 1993. It has proven to be an invaluable source of market data. Before subscribing, I attempted to gather identical information myself. My personal efforts never resulted in the level of detail, reliability, and timing made available from your service. Your improvements in recent years to make the data available through the internet have proven to be a most valuable tool for me. Having both Dbase and Acrobat archive formats renders the data far more useful that just receiving your report on a weekly basis. Thank you for the reliability of the data. Thank you for your continuing efforts to enhance the service.

Utah Valley Home Builders Assoc
Deann Huish

Being a subscriber to the Construction Monitor is very valuable for our members. Receiving current and accurate data on the building industry helps our members make important decisions that affect their companies’ bottom line.

Fireplace Plus
Paul Millett

For current, accurate information you can use to generate new business in the construction industry, I have found the Construction Monitor to be an invaluable tool. It has paid for itself many times over with new sales generated from the information in the weekly reports. I highly recommend it.

Westside Concrete Accessories
Jan C Winn

We set aside time every week - immediately upon receipt of Construction Monitor by email - for our salesman to sit down with the latest permit information and follow-up leads for potential sales. Often, we are contacting our subcontractor customers who work exclusively for a homebuilder before they have been told by the homebuilder that there is a job to do. Construction Monitor is one of our key selling tools.

AAA Kartak Glass & Closet
Kevin Kartak

Dear Construction Monitor, we are very happy with the results. The leads we get are of excellent quality, contain reliable information, are well organized, and easy to work with. Thank you for the excellence!

Ivory Homes
David Zollinger

The Construction Monitor is a useful resource for tracking new home construction. On a weekly basis, I now know which builders are building, where they are building, and how many they are building. The best part is that the report is e-mailed to me weekly in both Adobe PDF and database formats allowing me to view and analyze the data more thoroughly.

Bingham Propane
David McKinnon

Dear Construction Monitor, We have been using the construction monitor for less than a year, but I am sold on the product. We benefit in several ways from the services that you offer. The weekly reports give us a heads up on new construction that is happening in 3 of the 4 counties that we cover. Being able to pinpoint a specific house using the search feature on the website is quite beneficial. Finally, each year we hold a contractor's BBQ for the builders we do business with. We always try to invite new contractors, so we can introduce them to our products and services. The list and mailing labels that can be generated by the Construction Monitor make this job simple. Thank you for making our job easier.

Cubco Door
Bob Jacobson

To whom it may concern, As a small flooring business, we are always on the lookout for new construction or remodeling projects. By using the Construction Monitor to track new job sites and giving us the potential future customer's name and address we are able to make contact with them before they just go to the big people, We average 9 to 12% callbacks from our mail outs. I find the Construction Monitor a very successful tool to use and plan to keep subscribing.

Western Woodwork Inc
Steve Inch

Competitive advantage in today's marketplace can be summed up in a single phrase: it is all about quality information fast. Our businesses' success relies on our ability to analyze market and consumer data effectively and efficiently. The Construction Monitor is a tremendous resource for us and gives us the opportunity to analyze our market more quickly and more comprehensively than ever before. The Construction Monitor and their data sorting functions are invaluable tools that help us streamline our market planning and assist our sales teams focus on the right prospects at the right time. The result: attainment of individual sales revenue goals week after week and increased company profitability over the long term.

Sierra Pacific Windows
Magdi Ghali

Due to the specialization of our product line, my market is of a particular segment. The listings in the Construction Monitor of builders with the number of homes and their value allow me to target the prospects in my segment, thereby increasing my chances of a successful sale!

SS Savage Inc
M Savage

We use the Construction Monitor for all of our direct marketing. The information it provides us is invaluable to our company's success.

BFI Waste Systems
Jennifer Christensen

I have been involved in using the Construction Monitor for the past 2 years. It has become an important tool to us in our business to keep informed on the construction activities in our community. The information contained has been very accurate and up to date. It has become invaluable to us. It gives us the upper hand in going out and proactively finding the jobs that we are interested in bidding. We have also found that Construction Monitor web site is a wonderful tool in aiding us in locating local HBA's, attaining information on contractors and subcontractors, and helping us with other general information. I would highly recommend the Construction Monitor to anyone who is in need of this type of information. Thank you!

South Central Pools
Rob Reed

The Construction Monitor has been a huge asset to my business. It has enabled me to not only seek out new business, but also better prepare for the business we currently have. I would recommend this publication to anyone who wants to better their stand in their marketplace.

Cotton Mill Cabinetry & Furniture Inc
Kris Stokes

In our growing Cabinetry business, we have found the Construction Monitor to be a great tool. It is neatly organized, easy to read, and always comes in a timely manner. We use the information provided to send brochures and then make follow up calls. A good portion of our sales has come from the Construction Monitor. For this reason, we have not actively pursued many other forms of advertising because we feel that we can best reach our target market by using the Construction Monitor. It is an asset to our business.

Stock Building Supply
Tim Gillett

I have found the Construction Monitor very up to date. I have used the valuable information to obtain more jobs and to gain a bigger customer base. Not only does the Monitor contain building permit information but also it categorizes it so that you can focus on your target customer. We have gathered building permits on our own from time to time but have found the Monitor very current. I know we get more business because we get the jump on our competition. I have been in the building supply business for 30 years and I know that the Monitor is one of the greatest tools we have to help us sell more contractors.