Webinars are a great way to connect to the experts at the Construction Monitor and learn about the most effective and efficient ways of using our services.

These live training sessions will put you on the fast track to boosting your business with our top resources. We also discuss new coverage areas and the latest tools and developments we have implemented for our customers.

We set aside time to address questions and suggestions that you have on improvements we can make, plus offer you sales and marketing ideas that will help you maximize your investment and grow your business.

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Archived Events

Sales & Marketing 05/05/2011

Construction Monitor's Marketing Director, Justin Harris, discusses the most popular customer tool, Powersearch and shares why each and every customer should be using this tool to save them time and effort when targeting their ideal customer or project.

Construction Monitor 101 01/06/2011

Orion Gallagher, Sales Manager for the Construction Monitor, explains how to use and implement the top features of our new and improved website. Topics covered include how to use the Weekly Editions, Power Search, Mailing Labels, Current Permits, Building Statistics, Top Company Reports, and Summary Reports. There is also discussion on things new to the website.

Sales & Marketing 10/28/2010

Justin discusses the construction timeline and how to align your company and your direct mail pieces with the project timeline for the most effective marketing.

Turning Permit Leads Into Paying Customers
A 3 Step Process 10/20/2010

Guest speaker Mike Lorence, an expert in marketing and small business coach and consultant to the construction industry, reveals his strategies for creating and launching an effective direct mail campaign to the people who need your services right now.

The Latest and Greatest 09/16/2010

Justin Harris, business development director for the Construction Monitor reviews 'Powersearch' and looks at the most expensive homes permitted in the Western US so far this year. Including some behind the scenes research and background for the top two homes this year. Guaranteed to keep your interest!

Masterminds - CSV 09/09/2010

Demostration on how to download, combine sort, and filter CSV spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel. We then go over how to do a Mail Merge for mailing labels in Microsoft Word

The Latest and Greatest 08/09/2010

Justin Harris, business development director for the Construction Monitor reviews 'Building Statistics' and shows what has happened in new home construction, remodel and commercial building in several markets for 2009 and 2010.