Release Notes


  • Updated Terms of Service page with latest Terms of Service.


  • Fixed references on map from MSA to CBA and CBSA.


  • Added New Tutorial Videos for all tools.


  • Added slide for The International Home Builder's Show in Las Vegas, 2019
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Refer a Friend to error if too much data was input.


  • Updated map on homepage to reflect coverage in all 50 states.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause PowerSearch results to be inaccurate using a comma separated list of things.
  • Added slide for The International Surfaces Event in Las Vegas, 2019


  • Improved display of third party integrations on Power Search results.


  • Improved support for logging into Brink's mapping system from Construction Monitor's website.


  • Improved Tooling for Third Party Integration with Service Proz.


  • Added CEDIA slide to the slide deck. See you there!


  • Updated back end functionality to have a better concept of what environment it's running in for more stable development going forward.
  • Fixed a bug causing New Company Report to error on non publish weeks.
  • Added support for Third Party CRM provider, Service Proz.


  • Added information for failed logins when they are inactive but have a working username and password.


  • Sessions can no longer last longer then 20 hours
  • IBS 2018 slide added


  • Further improvements to new 7 day trial system


  • Added web trial form for 7 days free trial access


  • Significant back end changes to the structure of the website
  • Further refinements to the shopping cart experience


  • Fixed some YouTube links that were either broken, or pointing to an old version of our channel.
  • New views and displays for the shopping cart to further improve the experience.
  • New form for sending testimonials.


  • Continued improvements on the shopping cart experience
  • Customers and prospects can now add premium mapping products both at check out, and after check out.
  • Added the ability to view original permit documents if they exist.
  • Improved view of the shopping cart experience to differentiate our different subscriptions better.


  • New ordering and shopping cart experience, more to come!
  • Permit counts on map are now more reliable
  • New explanation video on site to let the world know what we do.


  • Added Permit Insights Mapping


  • Corrected an issue preventing past due notifications from showing up


  • Made improvements to how redirects are handled after logging in. Should be more reliable
  • Update trial logins to use the new login mechanism
  • Removed mobile specific views. Not needed with responsive layout


  • Added Publish Year and Publish Week to Saved Search Notifications
  • Corrected an issue that prevented Publish Notifications from going out for 3 weeks.


  • Updated back end for how Log Ins are handled
  • Updated Map from Flash to HTML5/JS and added extra detail like recent permit counts and MSAs.


  • Added a form for area requests.


  • Fixed a bug causing the saved search unsubscribe to error while reporting back its status to the customer


  • Added a new slide on the homepage for the 2017 ISE show.
  • increased cap on the mailing labels tool from 600 addresses (20 pages) to 1200 addresses (40 pages).
  • Redid some under the hood wiring for how marketing forms on the site are handled.


  • Added a new slide on the homepage for the 2017 IBS show.



  • Logins are now required to agree to a terms of service and copyright before logging in.
  • Fixed a bug involving the inability to submit valuations on Power Search with commas in them.
  • Fixed a bug involving the "Pay Now" invoice button to make the menu button non-interact-able on mobile devices.


  • Updated front page product graphic to include MO
  • Added market area list to lead generation form
  • Corrected a URL on our news page on request
  • Added some code to ensure forms don't get submitted without an area
  • Updated styling on page following the forgot password page form


  • Added a minified version of a 3rd party javascript library
  • Improved speed of primary layout by removing some dynamic function calls and replacing with hardcoded information
  • Improved speed of search results rendering (not the search itself), by removing some dynamic function calls and replacing with hardcoded information
  • Improved speed of weekly editions rendering, by removing dynamic function calls and replacing with hardcoded information


  • Made various reference changes to deal with an updated server architecture.


  • Fixed header scaling for different size screens
  • Added ability to run top company report without combining corporate/subsidary offices.


  • Added hyperlinks to PDF generated reports, so users can click on the description and get the detail page on our site
  • Updated pricing for stats only subscriptions



  • Fix for maps not showing up correctly on the permit detail page


  • Fixed a bug involving valuation filters on Power search
  • Updated our print styles to no longer include URLs
  • Improved what elements are or aren't included when printing
  • Added new news article
  • Added new helpscout beacon, used to send emails to Construction Monitor right from our website. Can be accessed by clicking on the question mark in the bottom right corner


  • Multiple Area, County, and Jurisdiction select added for Detailed Statistics tool
  • Multiple Area, County, and Jurisdiction select added for Top Company Reports
  • Created Release Note Page


  • Fully Responsive Bootstrap based site
  • New download system to more accurately inform users of download progress/status.