North Bend, WA

Puget Sound
King County
North Bend
05/01/2018 to 05/31/2018

Top 2 General Contractors
Res Rmdl, Addn, Int Fin

Company Permits Valuation
1 West Coast Decks 1 $30,000
2 RC Homes 1 $10,000

Building Permit Summary

Residential Permits Value Units
Single Family Homes 13 $2,600,000 13
Demolition 2 $200,000 0
Grading & Dust 3 $30,000 0
Other Residential Structures 2 $209,548 1
Garages & Carports 7 $145,000 0
Res Rmdl, Addn, Int Fin 4 $57,242 0
Residential Totals 31 $3,241,790 14
Commercial Permits Value Units
Grading & Dust (Commercial) 1 $5,000 0
Parks, Recreation, Entertain, Arts 1 $200,000 0
Commercial Totals 2 $205,000 0
Grand Totals 33 $3,446,790 14

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