Building Trust With Potential Clients

Trust is the foundation of any business relationship, but it takes on even greater importance in the construction field where your clients trust you with their homes and investment projects. Showing your prospects you truly understand their goals goes a long way toward building that trust.

Get to Know Their Needs

Your would-be clients want to know not just that you’re an honest business person, but also that you understand their needs and have the skills necessary to fulfill those needs. To show them they can trust you with their projects, invest some time in learning about what your ideal clients are really looking for.

Local construction industry data can help here. If you’re a roofing contractor, researching building permit data might show you there’s an ongoing decrease in permits to alter roof lines, but an increase in permits for remodeling. Knowing this, you can focus on showing your target audience how your services can fit into a remodeling project.

Communicate Consistently

Building trust is a long-term process that requires repeated interaction. One of the most practical ways to manage this process is with an email list. A mailing list keeps you on your prospects’ minds while letting you demonstrate your expertise. It also gives you a chance to express a little of your personality to establish a real human connection. If you sell building materials, you might use your list to show how your clients have used your materials, offer quick guides to choosing materials or share a funny story about a problem your past client had and how your materials saved the day.

Use the data you have on your target market to inspire ideas for content. Maybe you’ve noticed more permits are being issued for remodels than for new builds in your area. If so, that’s a good sign your prospects might like to hear about your bathroom and kitchen flooring materials and the benefits of upgrading their existing flooring.

How Blogging Can Build Visitor Trust

building trustPublishing a blog is a good way to help people find your construction firm online, but that’s not where the benefits end. Your posts also build visitor trust by showcasing your expertise and helping you build influential connections.

Establish Your Credibility

Before your visitors give you their trust, they need to see some proof that you have the skills to turn their construction plans into a reality and the personal integrity to deal honestly with financial and scheduling matters. By filling your blog with valuable tips, advice, and insight that will help your target audience solve their problems and reach their goals, you show them you know what you’re talking about. Your blog also gives you a way to draw more attention to your portfolio images, client testimonials, and success stories that further prove your expertise.

Your hard skills aren’t the only thing your blog shows off, though. Freely sharing your knowledge positions you as a helpful, generous expert who’s willing to take the time to guide others in the right direction.

Team Up with Influencers

Your blog opens an abundance of opportunities to work with construction industry influencers and build visitor trust by leveraging their good reputations. Find out who the influential personalities are in your segment of the construction industry and start building a relationship by interacting with their blog and social media posts. Mention them in your blog posts or ask to interview them for a post. Send a short question to several influencers and, with their permission, create a blog post from their answers. Ask to guest post on their blog or invite them to guest post on yours.

When you publish an especially high-value post, let relevant influencers know you have something their audience might find helpful. If you’ve built a connection, chances are they’ll be happy to share your post, which gets your name in front of more potential clients along with a recommendation from someone they already trust.


3 Unconventional Ways To Generate New Construction Leads

generate leadsIf you’ve been in the construction business for long, you already know a little something about generating leads. As the industry and the online economy grow, though, some less conventional ways to generate construction leads are coming into their own.

Social Lead Capture Page

Traditional lead capture pages try to sell the visitor on signing up before they receive anything. A social lead capture page gives the visitor something first. With this method, you can win your visitors’ appreciation, social media shares, and contact information.

Choose a topic you know your target clients are eager to learn more about. Create a dedicated page that provides truly valuable information on that topic in an easy-to-digest format such as an infographic or a short video. Make it something you yourself would want to share. To directly generate construction leads, place social media links and your call to action, such as your newsletter sign-up form, under the content.

Partner Up

Referrals are one of the best types of leads, but they don’t always come from the obvious sources. Instead of relying on your past clients to refer leads your way, form strategic partnerships with complementary businesses.

Partner with real estate agents, building services specialists such as electricians, banks specializing in real estate loans, and of course, your materials suppliers. Consider offering a referral fee for every lead that turns into a paying client.

Get Out and Mingle

When you’re aiming to win high-budget construction projects, it takes some effort to earn your potential clients’ trust and respect. One of the best ways to do it is through speaking. Host a talk designed to answer a pressing question or provide critical information your target clients need to reach their goals. You could even make it an event such as a cocktail party or barbecue. It takes some advertising to bring in an audience, but it’s far easier to develop a good rapport and high level of trust when your potential clients can see and hear you in person.