Word of Mouth is Not Enough for Steady Construction Leads – Think Outside the Box

Word of mouth marketing might be popular among construction companies, but it’s also unreliable and limits your growth. With a little creativity backed up by good data, you can pull in more of the leads you really want more consistently.

Show Off Your Skills with Video

Video lets you show off your projects like no other medium can. It also gives your prospects a chance to see and hear you, which helps build trust. To pull in leads from your videos, though, you need to know what topics your target audience cares about most. Reviewing data from building permits in your area can spark lead-pulling topic ideas.

If you spot an increase in building permit applications for restaurants or other businesses where appearances matter, you’ll know it’s worth addressing the concerns of these potential clients. Trying grabbing their attention with a video series showing the esthetics-enhancing features you’ve built into your past projects.

Tempt Prospects with Useful Tools

Planning a construction project, choosing products for remodeling, and securing financing are complex topics that require numerous calculations. Your potential clients are out there looking for anything that can make their project planning easier. By providing helpful tools, you’ll be attracting leads to your website while also demonstrating your expertise. If you specialize in kitchen remodeling, your tool could be as simple as a cost-calculator or a quiz to help your prospects prioritize the features of their new kitchen.

Gate Your High-Value Content

Useful content is one of the best ways to attract visitors to your site, but sometimes it takes a little nudge to turn those visitors into leads. Instead of making everything you publish freely available, choose some of your more popular content to offer in exchange for contact information.

This tends to work best with content that provides a concrete benefit. If you have proven tips on how to save thousands on a new home addition, your best prospects will be happy to give up their email address to hear them.

For more tips on taking your marketing beyond word of mouth, contact Construction Monitor today.

Using Video to Showcase Your Best Work

Video shows the full extent of your talent like no other medium can. To showcase your work in a way that attracts new customers, though, you’ll need to choose your projects carefully and focus on the right aspects.

Start with a Customer in Mind

When you choose finished projects to showcase, consider what your ideal customers want to see. That one-off spa bathroom remodel you did might be impressive, but if you primarily target small retail businesses, you’ll get more milage out of a video on the striking luxury shoe store you built.

Construction industry data can help you choose what to focus on. If you’re a general contractor and local data shows more permits being issued for home additions than for kitchen remodels, you’ll know video tours of your best home addition jobs will go over well. With a little more research, you might find homeowners are using their additions as short-term tourist rentals. In that case, your video tours can focus on the guest-pleasing features in your additions.

Offer Clear Benefits

Videos that offer concrete benefits are more likely to be found in online searches and watched to the end. Showcasing your work in how-to videos is one way to take advantage of this. If you specialize in kitchen remodels, try a video on how to remodel a kitchen for energy efficiency that shows off the energy-efficient features in your projects. If you install swimming pools and pool permit data suggests a lot of new pool owners live in a windy part of town, consider making a video on how to landscape pool windbreaks.

Inspiration videos are another way to showcase your skills. For your would-be kitchen remodel clients, put together a video montage of all the clever storage solutions or built-in seating ares you’ve created. For those looking to finish an attic or basement, make a video on the creative ways your clients decided to use their finished spaces and how you helped them realize their ideas.

For more on showcasing your work through video, contact us at Construction Monitor.

Can Vlogging Help Your Construction Business Grow?

vlogIf writing blog posts sounds like a chore, vlogging can give you a more efficient and enjoyable way to get the word out about your construction company. Vlogging, or video blogging, helps you build a stronger connection with your target audience while also reaching new potential clients.

Build Relationships That Attract Warm Leads

The sense of familiarity video fosters is even stronger when those videos come on a consistent schedule. Unlike sporadic videos, a vlog offers continuity that encourages your viewers to keep coming back. You can share ongoing updates on a current building project, develop a series on solutions for common problems or do regular Q&A sessions. You’ll be building relationships as you educate your viewers about the benefits of working with your company.

Before long, they’ll feel like they know you. When they’re ready to start their project, your company will be first on their list because they already see you as someone they’ll enjoy working with and, more importantly, as a trustworthy expert.

Reach a Wider Audience

Because videos are so much easier to digest than blog posts, people love to share them. Better yet, the people they share with are more likely to actually watch a quick video than to read through an entire blog post.

Create a video series on how your company builds distinctive, energy-efficient apartment buildings renters love, and chances are some of your viewers will pass the link on to other residential property developers they know. Not only will you reach new prospects this way, but you’ll also have the benefit of coming recommended by a trusted colleague.

Your videos will let that potential client see your work in action and get a sense of who you are as a person, making them far more likely to remember you than if they’d read a blog post. This is particularly true in construction where video can demonstrate your abilities more clearly and persuasively than words.

3 Ways Construction Companies Can Attract More Leads Through Video Content

video marketingVideo content holds attention, conveys information quickly, and is highly sharable, but it’s often overlooked as a tool for bringing in construction leads. Used skillfully, though, your videos can attract leads in several ways.

  1. Gate your videos – Value-packed videos can give your website visitors an incentive to hand over their contact information. Choose one of your target prospects’ most pressing problems and produce a series of videos that help them avoid or solve that problem. If you offer remodeling services, you might create videos with practical tips on avoiding cost overruns and missed deadlines during a home remodeling project. Then make the series accessible in exchange for an email address.
  2. Include videos in your emailsEmail newsletters that include videos have been shown to get higher clickthrough rate. That means more readers coming back to your website where you can lead them towards contacting you. A 60- to 90-second video is enough to do the job. If you’re telling your readers about a service, create a short video showing the real-life results of that services or interview a satisfied client. If you’re announcing the completion of a new office building project, take your readers on a quick video tour. Make sure the thumbnail you embed in your email displays a play button and runtime so your readers realize you’re offering a video and that it’s quick to watch. Use the word “video” in your email title to grab your readers’ attention.
  3. Invite your viewers to connect – Posting your video content on Youtube, Vimeo, and other sharing sites puts you in contact with a wider audience. Unless you motivate your viewers to get in touch with you, though, chances are they’ll just move on to the next video. To turn your viewers into leads, include a call to action in every video and give people an easy way to find your website. Consider using an app that lets you embed a Facebook “share” icon and an email opt-in form right into your video.


4 Ways To Reuse Existing Content To Generate Leads

repurpose contentCreating useful content on a topic as technical and specialized as construction takes a lot of effort, but it doesn’t have to be an unending slog. When you reuse existing content, you get more value from your work and more ways to reach new leads.

  1. Put it on video – Video helps you reach potential clients who’d rather sit back and listen than read through your website. Instead of creating new content for your videos, base them on the blog posts and articles you already have. End each one with a call to action that encourages viewers to get in touch. Then share your videos on sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram to reach leads who haven’t found your website yet.
  2. Develop a mini-course – A blog post series covering a complex topic can be overwhelming and off-putting to some prospects. By breaking that information down into a three- or five-part minicourse delivered by email, you’ll have a better chance of getting through to them. You’ll also have a new lead magnet that encourages your visitors to hand over their contact information.
  3. Build guest posts – Having your content published on other construction industry blogs and sites is a time-efficient way to reach a new pool of potential leads. Think of a few topics you know well, contact blogs that cover those topics and ask if they’d be interested in a guest post. When you get a bite, reuse existing content by mixing and matching to put together a top-notch post fast.
  4. Create infographics – Few things are as shareable as infographics. An eye-catching infographic packed with useful, interesting data can extend your reach on social media and get your name in front of new potential leads. Choose a topic you’ve already written about and pull some related statistics, facts, and tips from your content. There are online services that let you make simple infographics, but a graphic designer can create images that better express your brand identity.


Using Technology To Find New Customers

mobile marketingWhile traditional lead generation methods still have value, your ability to generate construction leads online is increasingly important for maintaining a steady flow of new projects. Taking advantage of modern technology can bring you more leads faster.

Go Mobile

Particularly if you work on high-end construction jobs, your potential clients are likely to be busy professionals researching their next project on their phone or tablet. To reach these prospects, at the very least make sure your website looks good and works correctly on most mobile devices.

When your site is ready, look to methods such as opt-in text message campaigns and mobile display ads to connect with mobile users. Use QR codes to generate construction leads online from your print ads. By directing the reader to an opt-in list, you can capture an interested prospect who might otherwise have forgotten about you before they got home.

Create Useful Audio and Video Content

For your prospects who prefer to watch and listen rather than read, create videos that help them solve their problems and reach their goals. Even simple videos of you talking to the camera expand your reach to prospects who ignore blogs.

To keep things simple, discuss the same topics as you cover in your blog posts. For something more interactive, create videos on site to show your would-be clients how you work. Helpful, engaging videos not only establish you as an expert, but they also build rapport by letting your prospects see and hear you in action.

A weekly 20- to 30-minute podcast is another effective way to reach busy prospects. It helps you stay in touch with those who are in your target market, but not in immediate need of construction services. Just like your email list, a consistently published podcast lets you build a relationship with your prospects and educate them about what can do for them.

Get comfortable with technology and you’ll find you can generate construction leads online as easily as you can through the old methods you’ve been using.