4 Tips To Refine Your Brand And Make It Work For You

building a brandYou know exactly how your construction firm outshines the competition, but your potential clients won’t unless you demonstrate it to them. Brand building is one of the most effective ways to do this.

  1. Know your audience – To be successful, your brand must show your ideal clients that your firm is the one that can best meet their needs. Before you start your brand building efforts, take a closer look at the information you have about those would-be clients. What problems are they trying to solve? What extra services and capabilities appeal to them most?
  2. Stand for something – Connecting your brand to something larger than yourself helps it stand out in the minds of your prospects. If you specialize in building with ecofriendly materials, you might aim to become a symbol of sustainability in construction. If you build high-end hotels, positioning your firm as a symbol of luxury can help you attract the clients you want.
  3. Be a leader – Become a thought leader in your segment of the construction industry and you’ll stand out from the crowd while bringing more attention to your expertise. To do that, you need to be willing to provide deep insight into the issues your audience cares about as well as make predictions about future trends and take a stand on controversial construction-related issues. Create content about the things that truly matter to you and your clients, whether that’s improving building safety codes, using 3D printing to build more affordable housing or preserving historical neighborhoods. Network online and offline with people who can help further your ideas, including the media.
  4. Unify your design – A brand that uses visually cohesive, consistent design is memorable and instantly recognizable. It also feels more like a reliable, developed business that has its act together down to the last detail. For better visual branding, create a brand style guide outlining the color palette, typography, types of images, and voice to be used in all your marketing and packaging.


Close More Construction Deals By Giving Information Away

industry informationClients who plan to invest a hefty sum in a construction project want to know they’re working with the best in the business. To win those high-profit contracts, you need to be known as the go-to firm. By freely providing valuable information, you can become a thought leader who’s opinion is not only trusted, but also sought out as the authority.

Position Yourself Online

Turn your website into a hub for information and tools, and you’ll draw people in your target market while giving them a reason to share your name. Using your in-depth knowledge of your ideal clients, develop information that helps them overcome their challenges and meet their goals. Focus on solving specific, clearly defined problems using formats such as:

  • Email and video courses
  • In-depth ebooks
  • Checklists, templates, and cheat sheets
  • Webinars
  • Case studies and white papers
  • Survey results

Extend this to your social media accounts by publishing articles on LinkedIn, creating an invite-only Facebook group or running weekly Twitter chats.

Reach Out to Your Target Market

Public speaking is a quick way to get out there and connect with potential clients in person. Start with your local Kiwanis, Rotary Club, and Chamber of Commerce then work up to trade associations and conferences, and corporate training programs.

To further boost your credentials, write for local newspapers and construction trade magazines. Learn the needs of each publications’ audience, and pitch your story ideas to the editors.

Radio stations often look for guests who’ll benefit or entertain their listeners. Create a media kit that includes your your bio, past speaking or other related experience, and topics you can discuss with authority. Then start pitching your ideas. If you’re really ambitious, many cable TV stations still offer public access opportunities.

Providing free, useful information helps spread your name and establishes you as a helpful, reliable authority. You’ll attract more leads who are already sold on your skills and ready to close a deal.

For more ideas on how to become a thought leader in your segment of the construction industry, contact Construction Monitor

3 Unconventional Ways To Generate New Construction Leads

generate leadsIf you’ve been in the construction business for long, you already know a little something about generating leads. As the industry and the online economy grow, though, some less conventional ways to generate construction leads are coming into their own.

Social Lead Capture Page

Traditional lead capture pages try to sell the visitor on signing up before they receive anything. A social lead capture page gives the visitor something first. With this method, you can win your visitors’ appreciation, social media shares, and contact information.

Choose a topic you know your target clients are eager to learn more about. Create a dedicated page that provides truly valuable information on that topic in an easy-to-digest format such as an infographic or a short video. Make it something you yourself would want to share. To directly generate construction leads, place social media links and your call to action, such as your newsletter sign-up form, under the content.

Partner Up

Referrals are one of the best types of leads, but they don’t always come from the obvious sources. Instead of relying on your past clients to refer leads your way, form strategic partnerships with complementary businesses.

Partner with real estate agents, building services specialists such as electricians, banks specializing in real estate loans, and of course, your materials suppliers. Consider offering a referral fee for every lead that turns into a paying client.

Get Out and Mingle

When you’re aiming to win high-budget construction projects, it takes some effort to earn your potential clients’ trust and respect. One of the best ways to do it is through speaking. Host a talk designed to answer a pressing question or provide critical information your target clients need to reach their goals. You could even make it an event such as a cocktail party or barbecue. It takes some advertising to bring in an audience, but it’s far easier to develop a good rapport and high level of trust when your potential clients can see and hear you in person.

How To Gain “Expert” Status Online And Build Trust With Your Website Visitors

expertBefore your would-be clients entrust a construction project to you, they need to have confidence in your skills and reliability. By demonstrating your expertise, your website can build visitor trust and bring in warm leads who already have faith in your abilities.

Create Thoughtful Content

Publish content that makes your visitors think, helps them see something in a new light or inspires strong feelings.

Report on emerging trends, adding your take on how they might affect your target clients. This could mean not only trends in construction techniques and materials, but overall changes in the industry. By doing this, you position yourself as a leader in your field armed with insider information. Do it consistently and your site will become a go-to news source.

Take a firm stance on a controversial issue. Picking a side demonstrates confidence in your knowledge and decisions. You’ll draw some critics, but you’ll stand out as someone who’s put serious thought into the issues and isn’t afraid speak up for what they know is right.

Proclaim a vision for your segment of the construction industry that encompasses more than just your firm. Then declare a mission for your firm that fits into that vision. You’ll show dedication to a greater good and attract those who support your ideals.

Demonstrate Your Skills

A well designed online portfolio is one of the most effective ways to display your abilities. If you don’t have images taken by a professional architectural photographer, invest in some. Include images of buildings at various stages of completion. Showing how you solved a particular construction challenge also helps build visitor trust.

To earn your visitor’s confidence and build rapport, hold a webinar to let them hear and see you discussing relevant issues in real time.

If you’re feeling adventurous, hold a live Q&A event where you invite visitors to share their problems and you offer solutions on the spot. An event like this helps you show off your in-depth knowledge and ability to think on your feet.

To learn more ways your website can build visitor trust, contact Construction Monitor.