Using Permit Data to Uncover Swimming Pool Business Opportunities

swimming pool business

What’s fun, healthy, and makes at-home quarantining beyond bearable? A swimming pool! This summer, more than ever before, homeowners are considering residential swimming pool installation.

The swimming pool business goes far beyond digging a hole in someone’s backyard. It is pool supplies, pool maintenance, outdoor furniture, landscaping…and more.

Two months ago, we weren’t sure we’d be in business for our sixtieth year…we’re having a great business season! –Chris, Kennedy Country Gardens

Companies will sink or swim this year. Using permit data for business development can keep your business afloat.

Swimming Pool Businesses Will Make a Big Splash Using Permit Data

Pool businesses say they’re flooded with calls from people who want to put a swimming pool in their backyard this summer. CBSBoston

At this point, it doesn’t matter where you live in the U.S. Staying safe means staying home and a great way to keep your loved ones home is a swimming pool. Using permit data puts your company in a good position. Here’s how:

A builder/contractor must have a building permit to begin construction of a swimming pool. If you’re a swimming pool maintenance company or a landscaper, it’s easy. Pull last month’s building permit applications.

If you’re a contractor or subcontractor, you need to know about new developments and residential communities in-the-works. Research the top contractors in your area and seek alignment with them. You can do that using permit data.

To get started using permit data from building permit reports:

  1. Select an area (state)
  2. Let’s go to Kansas. Select an in-state area.
  3. We selected Leavenworth.
    • Jurisdictions include Douglas County, Gardner, Kansas City, Lawrence, Leavenworth, Olathe, Overland Park, Prairie Village, Shawnee, Shawnee County, Topeka, Wichita
  4. To explore building permit data for that area, sign-up for a free trial. You’ll have one week to explore:
    • Mailing Labels – Direct mail continues to be a valuable advertising strategy.
    • PowerSearch – Create/run in-depth, customized searches.
    • Real-Time Leads – Using building permit data by-the-week, you’ll know project start dates before they break ground.
    • Statistics – Other project details may influence your developments.
    • Top/New Company Reports – What are the large companies working on? Who’s a newcomer with innovative ideas?

Call 800-925-6085 or contact Construction Monitor today. Using permit data is just good business.

Can Construction Data Help Your Swimming Pool Business?

If you search the Internet, you can find the information you need quickly. For example, there’s a report that details historic trends of the United States swimming pool industry through 2018. It’s obviously a very good report and it’s only slightly more than $750.

For one data report through 2018.

Remember 5-year plans? They were viable when time moved more slowly. Today, construction data and analytics need to move at lightning speed. You need to be able to make real-time decisions based on real-time construction information.

Here’s some statistical information, and it’s free: The economic growth we saw in 2019 spilled over into the swimming pool and spa industry. Through mid-2019, 60% of the top fifty pool-builders reported an increase in profits. Predicted growth in 2020 is less – 0.4% – and up again 1.5% for 2021.

This overall information is good to know. But before you begin your in-the-ground swimming pool marketing campaign in Duluth, Minnesota, you need more construction data.

U.S. Swimming Pool Businesses Need Local Construction Data

What’s going on in your country matters, but we know you need what’s going on in your:

  • State
  • County
  • City
  • Communities

It’s important to understand 2018 swimming pool industry trends – these are valuable analytics not to be ignored.

But the fact is, your peers in Los Angeles County have totally different analytics for 2018 and what’s going on there today has little to do with Duluth, Minnesota.

In L.A., if you own a tiny bungalow, you might have a pool. In Duluth, the demographics are different. The neighborhoods are different. The pricing structures are different if only because the dirt is different.

No one is digging in-ground pools in Duluth, Minnesota in February. In Duluth, you need construction data about new home and new community starts to get you ready for March/April 2020. 

Information is Your Lifeline

Fast access to construction data can keep you afloat. If you apply the necessary analytics to local information, your business can do more than survive; you can become a flagship in your area industry. As a Construction Monitor partner in information, you can quickly access municipal data.

When your swimming pool company is considering an expansion in Denver, Colorado, access licensed contractor databases and quickly learn which builders you want to woo and measure your competition.

Contact Construction Monitor to learn more about relevant, timely construction data for your swimming pool business.