What is Social Listening and Who Should Be Doing It?

social listeningSocial media gives you an invaluable opportunity to eavesdrop on your target audience and find out what they really think. Whether your ideal clients are homeowners or large commercial property developers, you can learn a lot just by listening.

How Social Listening Works

Social listening is the process of finding, monitoring, and contributing to conversations on social media platforms where your ideal clients gather. The goal is to get a big picture view of what they’re saying both about your company specifically and your construction specialty in general. You can do this by following topics, key terms, competing companies, and related industries. So if you’re a restaurant renovation specialist, you might keep up on what restaurant owners are saying about their facilities by following terms such as “restaurant design trends” and “restaurant expansion.”

This is not to be confused with social monitoring, which is more about staying alert for important incidents involving your brand, such as praise from a major influencer. With social listening, you’re not just replying to questions, comments, and complaints, but also drawing valuable insight you can use to guide your business strategy.

Can Social Listening Benefit You?

Even if your company isn’t very active on social media, there’s a good chance a lot of your past, current, and prospective clients are. If you care what they think, social listening is worth your time.

Watching your prospects interact with each other helps you get on their wavelength, making it easier to create marketing campaigns that truly connect with them. A better understanding of what your prospects want to learn about will spark ideas for blog posts, social media posts, and other content that actually does its job of attracting the leads you want.

By putting common complaints and emerging trends on your radar, social listening can lead you to new opportunities. If you notice local restaurant owners are interested in features that bring the outdoors in, you can appeal to them with your expertise in skylights or sunroom terraces.


3 Secrets To Boost Social Media Click-through Rates

social mediaSocial media moves fast and if your posts aren’t up to par, chances are they’ll do little to bring potential clients to your site. With a few simple changes to the way to create your posts, you can greatly improve your social media click-through rates.

Give Them a Reason to Click

For high social media click-through rates, keep your social media content closely connected to your website. Publish informative blog posts, videos and other content on your site, then draw on these for your social media posts. You might write up a blog post offering 10 tips for meeting green building standards affordably, then choose one tip to post on social media. If you have professional architectural photos taken of a project, create an online tour and choose one of the photos for your social media.

Get Visual

It’s not just Instagram and Pinterest where images are essential. No matter what platform you’re on, photos and graphics grab attention and often do more to pique interest than a short post can. Your would-be clients are more likely to click through when they see something in an image that intrigues them.

Try photos of completed projects, work in progress, before-and-after shots, and photos of your team working or just hanging out. Your pictures don’t always have to look like the work of a pro photographer, but they should be clear and sized correctly for the platform. Infographics and data visualization also help guide your followers to the content on your site.

Invite Interaction

Social media sites are so easy to scan through quickly that sometimes only a specific call to action can pull readers out of their browsing trance and onto your website. When you want readers to click through, tell them. If you post a fact from your whitepaper on residential modular construction, follow up with “Drop by our site to download the full whitepaper.” For a photo of your work in progress, try a simple “Come see more of our latest project.”


Leveraging Your Social Media Profile To Generate Leads

social media networkingSocial media is good for a lot more than just building your brand. Approached correctly, it can also become a reliable source of warm construction leads. While social media lead generation takes focus and consistency, the basics are easy to master.

Build Your Network

To get the most out of your efforts, identify the two or three social media platforms where your prospects are most active and build attractive, fully fleshed out profiles there. Follow not only your potential clients, but also construction industry leaders and professionals in related fields, such as home financing experts, architects, and construction supply distributors.

You can find them by monitoring for key phrases your prospects use when looking for help and professionals use when they talk shop.

Actively share and comment on their posts. Whenever you can, refer business their way. The more you can help out your prospects and peers, the more likely they’ll be to return the favor.

Share Your Expertise

By helping your prospects solve their problems and find the information they need, you can demonstrate your skills and knowledge without directly advertising them. Stay alert for direct questions from your prospects and answer them with detailed, practical information while encouraging them to contact you.

One reason social media lead generation is so effective is that it can get your name in front of hundreds of prospects you might otherwise never have known about. To encourage word about your firm to spread, create content specifically designed to be sharable on social media.

Quick tips, intriguing data, short videos, infographics, and before-and-after or behind-the-scenes images of your projects can all work well. To spark interaction and learn more about your prospects, ask questions and run surveys and polls.

Talking with your prospects in real time lets you show off your expertise while also building rapport. Once you have a solid following, host a Twitter chat, Facebook Event or Google Hangout and give attendees a reason to contact you afterward.

For more ideas on social media lead generation, contact us at Construction Monitor.


How Word-Of-Mouth Advertising Has Moved Online

word of mouth advertisingA personal referral from a satisfied client is more powerful than any ad, but these days, that kind of word of mouth advertising isn’t limited to in-person conversations. Knowing how to spread the word online will help you win clients you might otherwise never have heard from.

Social Media Buzz

Social media is an indispensable tool not just for connecting directly with your potential clients, but also for helping them connect with each other. When people come across something useful or interesting online, they’re often happy to share it with anyone they think might benefit. Social media makes sharing quick and easy.

By publishing insightful guides and whitepapers, inspiring images, and other material that helps your would-be clients accomplish their goals, you’ll give them something to share with others in the market. Your shared content then does the work of demonstrating your skills and expertise without coming off as self-promotional.

Sites such as LinkedIn and Houzz are natural fits for construction professionals, but mainstream social platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest also help. The trick is to know which platform your target market gravitates to and direct your efforts there. Each one requires a tailored approach.

The Power of Influencers

Online influencers are bloggers, experts, celebrities, and others who have the power to affect purchasing decisions thanks to a large online following of people who trust their opinion. The Internet has allowed enthusiasts in even the smallest niches to establish followings, giving you the chance to access highly targeted audiences.

Well established bloggers commonly offer paid advertising opportunities such as sponsored posts, reviews, and shout-outs. Because these allow the blogger to inject their own personality and opinions, they’re more relatable, engaging, and trustworthy than ads. Guest posting, publishing your post on someone else’s blog, is another way to tap into an influencer’s audience. These methods work as efficient word of mouth advertising with one trusted authority recommending your services to hundreds or thousands of people in your target market.



5 Must-Do Activities To Generate Leads Online