3 Secrets To Boost Social Media Click-through Rates

social mediaSocial media moves fast and if your posts aren’t up to par, chances are they’ll do little to bring potential clients to your site. With a few simple changes to the way to create your posts, you can greatly improve your social media click-through rates.

Give Them a Reason to Click

For high social media click-through rates, keep your social media content closely connected to your website. Publish informative blog posts, videos and other content on your site, then draw on these for your social media posts. You might write up a blog post offering 10 tips for meeting green building standards affordably, then choose one tip to post on social media. If you have professional architectural photos taken of a project, create an online tour and choose one of the photos for your social media.

Get Visual

It’s not just Instagram and Pinterest where images are essential. No matter what platform you’re on, photos and graphics grab attention and often do more to pique interest than a short post can. Your would-be clients are more likely to click through when they see something in an image that intrigues them.

Try photos of completed projects, work in progress, before-and-after shots, and photos of your team working or just hanging out. Your pictures don’t always have to look like the work of a pro photographer, but they should be clear and sized correctly for the platform. Infographics and data visualization also help guide your followers to the content on your site.

Invite Interaction

Social media sites are so easy to scan through quickly that sometimes only a specific call to action can pull readers out of their browsing trance and onto your website. When you want readers to click through, tell them. If you post a fact from your whitepaper on residential modular construction, follow up with “Drop by our site to download the full whitepaper.” For a photo of your work in progress, try a simple “Come see more of our latest project.”


How To Create A Winning Social Media Marketing Plan

social media marketing planThe role of social media in the construction industry has grown to a degree that’s impossible to ignore. Learn to use this marketing opportunity to your advantage so you can reach high-value clients before your competitors do.

Set Your Goals

Setting specific goals helps you see when your marketing efforts are working and when you need to make adjustments. Keep your overall business goals in mind. Measure real business outcomes such as leads, referrals, and new business relationships, rather than “likes” and shares. Shares help increase awareness, but don’t always translate to new clients.

Gather Inspiration

While there’s no one right way to do social media in the construction industry, some companies are more successful at it than others. To avoid having to reinvent the wheel, spend some time browsing the accounts of your competitors and related businesses before you decide on your approach.

Look at the types of content they share and note what seems to garner the most engagement. Pay attention to which platforms have the most responsive audiences. Rather than copy their approach, though, take what works and adapt it to your company’s own unique selling points and target clients.

Create a Roadmap

Once you have an idea of what to do with your accounts, develop a plan you can refer to when posting. A clear plan will save you time and help you maintain your consistency. Choose two or three platforms and define:

  • The audiences you’re targeting.
  • The types of content you’ll post for each audience.
  • How often you’ll post.

Tailor your content and posting schedule to each platform. What works on Facebook doesn’t necessarily work on Instagram.

Also consider how you’ll source your content. Decide where you’ll get your images, who’ll create your videos, and which magazines, websites and other social media accounts you’ll follow for news and ideas to share with your audience.

With the use of social media in the construction industry growing steadily, the better you can define your approach to these platforms the more effectively you can stay ahead of your competition.


3 Quick Tips To Help Generate Leads From Facebook

online leadsFacebook’s popularity with a broad demographic makes it one of the richest sources of social media leads out there. With just a few small improvements to the way you use this platform, you can bring in more qualified construction leads with less effort.

Three good tips

Here are three tips to help generate leads.

  1. Offer a freebie – The chances of someone calling you to schedule a consultation based on a Facebook post are slim, but social media is still an ideal place to start building relationships. To capture your fans’ email addresses, offer a free information product such as a checklist, resource list or white paper. Design your free offer with the goal of solving a specific problem for a specific type of client, such as commercial real estate investors or housing developers interested in environmental sustainability.
  2. Invest in ads – Facebook ads let you target precisely the audience you want based on demographics, interests, and behavior. If you want social media leads who enjoy sailing, have young children, and frequently organize events, you can find them. Instead of using one general ad, create multiple ads tailored to each type of client. Your prospects are more likely to respond to something that speaks directly to their needs. Invite them to take a specific action, such as downloading your free white paper or contacting you for a strategy session.
  3. Engage with your audience – Making a genuine effort to interact with your Facebook fans helps build a connection that encourages them to contact you when they’re ready to do business. Instead of bombarding your audience with promotional posts, create posts that offer real value. Keep your fans up to date on industry news, introduce them to new construction trends, offer insider tips, and direct them to useful tools. Ask open-ended questions about their challenges, goals and opinions, and invite conversation. When someone does reply, take the time to acknowledge them.

Whether you decide to start with ads or just more conversations, learning what works on Facebook is one of the most effective things you can do to bring in more social media leads.

Referral Marketing In An Online World

online referral marketingEncouraging referrals is one of the most effective ways to create a steady stream of construction leads and this approach isn’t limited to in-person exchanges. Strategic referral marketing online can bring you more leads with less effort.

Take Your Rewards Program Online

When a satisfied client directs a lead to your website, that lead may still be collecting information and exploring their options. By the time they’re ready to do business, chances are high they’ll forget to mention who sent them and the referrer loses out, discouraging further referrals.

To prevent that situation, use software that lets you give anyone who might send you business a personal referral link to your website. This lets you track signups and downloads by referrer. Another option is to provide a personal code they can pass along that will let the lead access valuable downloads on your site.

Engage in Social Listening

Tuning in to what’s being said about your firm on social media makes it easy to spot fans who would be happy to send leads your way. With a tool such as Google Alerts, Social Mention or Hootsuite, you can quickly track down any social media mentions of your firm’s name or projects you’ve worked on. When you find someone talking positively about your work, reach out to let them know you appreciate referrals and invite them to take part in your incentive program.

Maintain Top-of-Mind Awareness

Part of successful referral marketing online is making sure your firm is the first one your former clients think of when someone they know needs construction work done. Maintaining that level of awareness takes regular contact beyond follow-up phone calls and post cards. Online content lets you keep in touch consistently yet unobtrusively.

Use your blog and newsletter to publish genuinely useful information that keeps your clients coming back. Periodically offer handy tips sheets, templates, and other resources. When you can, create detailed white papers you can pass along to former clients, and they can forward to their network.

For more tips on effective referral marketing online, contact us at Construction Monitor


Lead Generation In The Construction Business: A Checklist

lead generation checklistWith so many ways to bring in potential clients, lead generation in the construction business can get confusing. Using a checklist will help you stay organized so you can get the most out of your lead generation efforts.

Define your cold-calling strategy – When you approach with a plan, cold calling can bring in leads fast. Refine your call scripts, set a call schedule, and decide how you’ll follow up.

Create a referral systemEncouraging word-of-mouth is one of the most effective ways to bring in warm, qualified leads. Design simple forms that make it easy for your current and former clients to pass along the contact details of anyone they know who’s in the market for construction services.

Expand your reach with direct mail – Reach more prospects faster by sending postcards to a targeted mailing list. Develop an offer with a clear benefit, such as a free strategy session to help your prospect work through a specific problem.

Set up social accountsSocial media is invaluable for lead generation in the construction business today. For the best results, focus on two or three social media platforms where you can get to know people in your target market personally.

Plan your online content – Useful online content acts as a magnet for potential clients. To stay organized, plan out your topics, formats, and publication schedule for your blog and social media accounts. This should include the lead generation incentives you offer in exchange for a phone number or email address.

Optimize your website – Your website should be designed to lead visitors from the first page they land on all the way through to handing over their contact information. Include compelling calls to action, statements that direct your visitor to contact you or take another specific action.

Nurture your leads – To turn a prospect into a client, you need time to build trust and rapport. Have a plan for following up with prospects through calls, emails, and mailings.

To learn more about effective lead generation in the construction business, contact Construction Monitor.

The Basics Of Online Lead Generation For Your Construction Business

online lead generationIf you’ve been sticking with traditional methods of bringing in leads, you’re missing a lot of would-be clients who are looking online for construction services like yours. With just a little basic online lead generation, you can grab some of those clients before your competitors do.

In-Bound Marketing: Drawing Leads to You

Online in-bound marketing is an approach that focuses on attracting your target prospects to your website. One of the most common ways to do this is with a blog or library of articles full of information focused on helping your target clients solve their problems and achieve their goals. As they search online for the information they need, they’ll come across your site and begin to view you as a helpful expert worth contacting.

“Lead magnets” also play a role in online lead generation. A lead magnet is content your visitors receive only after providing their contact information. It might be a white paper, video course, email autoresponder series, time-saving checklist or even a fun yet informative quiz. It’s something that gives your visitor an incentive to hand over their email address so you can contact them later.

Social Media: Meeting Leads Where They Are

Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Houzz let you easily find people in the market for construction services and start building personal connections with them.

Focus on two or three platforms where you know your ideal clients spend time. Create a complete profile and make posts your target audience will find helpful or entertaining. Social media is a place to mingle, not hard sell, so take time to interact with your potential leads. “Like” and comment on their posts, reply to questions, and send private messages when appropriate.

Ultimately, your goal should be to attract them to your website or get them to contact you by another means.

To get the most out of your online lead generation efforts, go in with a plan. Know how you’re going to attract your target prospects’ attention, then educate them about your services, and finally convert them into clients.

Tips for Generating more Construction Leads

If you’re used to bringing in your construction leads through traditional offline methods, it’s easy to overlook opportunities online. These days, online options for lead generation in the construction business are plentiful, and you don’t have to be a marketing expert to take advantage of them.

Create a Blog

Research has found construction firms that run blogs attract over 50 percent more visitors and nearly 70 percent more construction leads than those without blogs. A blog lets you display your expertise, building your visitors’ impression of you as a knowledgeable authority. Regularly adding fresh content also improves your rankings in the search engines, making it more likely your would-be clients will find you.

When you post, focus on topics that will help your target audience make informed decisions. You might compare different types of building materials, explain the advantages of one construction method over another, or discuss emerging trends and new technology.

Leverage Social Media

To help attract people to your website and blog, get involved in social media. Like blogging, activity on social media can also help boost your search engine rankings.

Start by setting up accounts on the four major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Each platform requires a different approach, so take some time to plan the type of content you want to post on each one. Keep in mind that social media is like a cocktail party, not a trade show. Join in the conversation, but don’t directly advertise.

Include Calls to Action

It may seem obvious, but if you want your would-be clients to do something, you have to ask them to do it. To help ensure your visitors move in the direction you want them to, include a call to action on every website or blog page: clear, specific instructions on what to do next. Directly ask your visitors to sign up for your mailing list, “like” you on Facebook, contact you to discuss their requirements, or request an estimate, depending on your priority

For more proven-effective ideas for lead generation in the construction business, contact Construction Monitor today.

Get More Work: Fresh Tips for Construction Marketing

The search for new customers will always be an integral part of every business, and construction is no exception. Even as the buildings go up on one project, it is essential that you keep working to bring in a new customer for the next project. Here are some effective construction marketing tips that can help you find leads and new customers.

  • construction leadsUse your network: If you already have a customer base, ask them for referrals to others who may need your services. Your happy customers will be very likely to refer you to their colleagues. Networking can also involve attending events, social and service club meetings, Chamber of Commerce gatherings, and other meetings. At these events, you can mingle with other business owners and like-minded persons, making acquaintances who may be able to help you in the future.
  • Advertise: Advertising is not dead, and for a construction firm, it can still be effective. For example, put signs on the perimeter fence around your construction site. These signs should include your company name and contact information. Invest in magnetic signage that can be applied to vehicles used for company business. Consider newspaper advertising, Yellow Pages advertising, and similar traditional venues, but carefully weigh the cost.
  • Use social media: Social media is everywhere, it seems, and its presence in the lives of your potential customers gives you a good way to reach new clients. Keep an active presence on Facebook, LinkedInĀ and Twitter, with regular updates. Update your blog with fresh content regularly. Use your social media presence to give potential customers a way to interact with you directly.
  • Be newsworthy: If someone on your staff earns an accreditation or other credential, send a press release to your local newspaper. Participate in local events or charitable causes, such as food drives or Christmas toy collections. Promote the contributions you make to your community and local organizations.

Construction Monitor serves industry professionals with accurate, up-to-date information on construction leads, industry trendsĀ and business building techniques. Contact us today for more information on construction marketing and how to make your marketing more effective.

How Social Media Can Magnify your Marketing Efforts

Even when traditional marketing methods work, their reach is relatively limited. Using social media in the construction industry is a more effective way to get in front of a global audience, build personal connections with potential clients, and reach new demographic segments.

socia media in the construction industryReach Out

Find out what social media hashtags are popular with your target market and use them when relevant to get your company’s name out there. When you attend a networking event, tag your posts to let others know you’re there. Check what’s being posted under the event’s hashtag to connect with others.

On Twitter, follow people who interest you and reply when you have something to contribute. When you connect with someone on LinkedIn, suggest an in-person meeting. On Facebook, focus on sharing photos.

Show What You’ve Got

Visuals grab attention and convey information fast, so they’re an easy and effective tool for leveraging social media. Share photos of your completed and in-progress work, your offices, and your materials and equipment. At networking events, take time to snap a few pictures to post online. Tag the people and companies in your pictures and reply to anyone who tags you in theirs.

Include plenty of informal, behind-the-scenes shots. Share photos and videos of your team so potential clients can put faces to names. Your willingness to let people see the real you demonstrates an openness and authenticity that builds trust.

Have a Little Fun

A little playfulness sets you apart from the firms that hide behind cold corporate facades. It makes working with your firm seem truly enjoyable, encouraging people to connect with you even before they need you. Humor also holds our attention, making it easier to educate clients about your vision and your skills.

Share funny quotes your clients can relate to, post a picture of your sales manager dancing for joy over a new construction contract, or create a video of an employee’s cute son or daughter explaining the benefits of your firm’s specialty building materials.

For more tips on using social media in the construction industry, contact us at
Construction Monitor.