Are Google Ads Dead or a Viable Lead Generation Source?

PPCGoogle Adwords has changed a lot since its launch in 2000, and while it’s no longer as cheap and easy as it once was, it still holds the potential to bring you construction leads. With an up-to-date Adwords strategy, you can attract leads you might not find elsewhere.

Get Results Fast

One of the biggest benefits of Adwords is its ability to bring in leads faster than improving your website’s visibility through search engine optimization (SEO). SEO, while highly valuable, is an involved process that can take four to six months to show results. With Adwords, your link can be at the top of the results page for a highly competitive term in a few hours as long as you can place the top bid for that term.

Using Adwords also gives you a chance to outrank a strong competitor. Maybe you’re the new guy in town for retail store renovation, and your competitor has been there for 10 years. Outranking them in the search engines through SEO could take years, but Adwords can quickly make your content just as visible as theirs. The automated target outranking share bidding strategy offered through Adwords makes it even easier.

Reach the Right Audience

Before you jump into Adwords, take time to understand the service and plan your strategy. What works on Facebook or LinkedIn, won’t necessarily work on Adwords. Set up a lead-capture page that adheres to Google’s Adwords Policies. Spend some time on the Keyword Planner to find cost-effective keywords. A highly focused term such as “office renovation companies” will generally cost less and attract more of your ideal clients than a broad term such as “commercial construction companies.”

Use conversion tracking codes to calculate each ad’s ROI. A/B test your ads and landing pages. Pay attention to whether Search Network, Display Network or Youtube ads work best for you and refine your strategy accordingly. Set a strict budget and spend more on an ad only when it gets results.

Best Practices for Online Lead Generation

Every day, your would-be clients are online looking for construction firms that can provide the information and services they need. Focusing on proven-effective online lead generation techniques will bring more of those clients your way.

Design Your Website to Bring in Leads

Your website is one of the most powerful tools you have for online lead generation, but to do the job effectively, it must be designed with focus. Everything on your site should guide your visitors toward contacting you. Provide content that highlights your services, include a call to action on every page, and offer incentives to sign up for your mailing list or call you.

Optimize for Online Searches

Once you’re confident your website is ready to turn visitors into leads, make sure it’s optimized to perform well in search engines. Add content that contains keywords your clients might use in their searches, correctly use HTML code such as header tags and image alt tags, and strategically interlink your pages. Check how your site works on mobile devices. If you hire an SEO company, choose one that can show you their prior successes.

Get Active on Social Media

Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube let you build relationships with people in your target market and turn those connections into sales leads. Instead of just posting photos of your latest projects, really engage with your market by answering questions, offering tips and suggestions, and asking your own questions. Consistency is critical. To avoid spreading your efforts too thin, stick with just two or three social media platforms where you can be active regularly and build a real following.

Invest in Pay-Per-Click

A pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign, in which you pay only when someone clicks your ad, can bring in highly targeted leads, but only when skillfully managed. You’ll need someone to monitor the campaign daily and continually tweak your ads and the list of keywords involved. You’ll most likely need a budget of several hundred dollars before you see a conversion.

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