Using Technology To Find New Customers

mobile marketingWhile traditional lead generation methods still have value, your ability to generate construction leads online is increasingly important for maintaining a steady flow of new projects. Taking advantage of modern technology can bring you more leads faster.

Go Mobile

Particularly if you work on high-end construction jobs, your potential clients are likely to be busy professionals researching their next project on their phone or tablet. To reach these prospects, at the very least make sure your website looks good and works correctly on most mobile devices.

When your site is ready, look to methods such as opt-in text message campaigns and mobile display ads to connect with mobile users. Use QR codes to generate construction leads online from your print ads. By directing the reader to an opt-in list, you can capture an interested prospect who might otherwise have forgotten about you before they got home.

Create Useful Audio and Video Content

For your prospects who prefer to watch and listen rather than read, create videos that help them solve their problems and reach their goals. Even simple videos of you talking to the camera expand your reach to prospects who ignore blogs.

To keep things simple, discuss the same topics as you cover in your blog posts. For something more interactive, create videos on site to show your would-be clients how you work. Helpful, engaging videos not only establish you as an expert, but they also build rapport by letting your prospects see and hear you in action.

A weekly 20- to 30-minute podcast is another effective way to reach busy prospects. It helps you stay in touch with those who are in your target market, but not in immediate need of construction services. Just like your email list, a consistently published podcast lets you build a relationship with your prospects and educate them about what can do for them.

Get comfortable with technology and you’ll find you can generate construction leads online as easily as you can through the old methods you’ve been using.

Going Mobile: Reaching Your Audience On The Go

mobile marketingYour prospective construction clients are busy people, which means they’re often out and about using their smartphones and tablets. Skillful marketing on mobile devices lets you grab their attention no matter where they are.

Get Mobile Friendly

Before you set out to target mobile users, get your site ready to convert those visitors into leads. Thoroughly test how well your site performs on mobile devices. In particular, make sure your construction work portfolio looks appealing enough to attract interest. Online device emulators can help out with this. If you’re serious about marketing on mobile devices, invest in a responsive design that will display perfectly on all devices. Ideas to make your site more accessible include:

  • Create succinct, well-formatted content that’s easy to skim through on a mobile device
  • Keep your headlines short to ensure they display well on narrow screens
  • Add brief summaries to the beginning of your blog posts
  • Use short paragraphs and plenty of white space, and break up content using subheads, images, bulleted lists, call-out boxes, and styling such as bold and italics

Target Local Prospects

Local searches are common on mobile devices, particularly for service-based businesses like construction. Help your local prospects find you by setting up profiles on local business directories. Google My Business, which ties in with Google+, as well as FourSquare, Merchant Circle, and Citysearch are good places to start.

On the mobile version of your site, provide your firm’s physical address, contact information, and hours of operation in a clearly visible position. Visitors should be able to find them at a glance.

Give some thought to Promoted Pins on Google Maps. This feature puts your company’s logo right on the Google Map to help you stand out from your competitors.

If you run print, TV or other offline visual ads, create QR codes for them that lead to a mobile optimized landing page. These grab your potential leads at the exact moment they’ve shown interest in your services and give you a chance to capture their contact information.

For more tips on marketing on mobile devices, contact us at Construction Monitor.