Can I Really Automate My Marketing?

marketing automationMarketing that runs on autopilot might sound like a pipe dream, but it’s not totally unrealistic. With planning, some essential marketing processes can be set up to bring you leads while freeing up your time.

Automate the Basics

Blog posting – A consistent publishing schedule is a big part of what gets your blog ranking in the search engines where your would-be clients can find it. Most blogging software lets you set up multiple posts and schedule each to be published later automatically.

Email marketingEmail drip campaigns let you nurture your relationships with prospects and move them down your sales funnel without having to write new emails every week. They’re ideal for staying in touch through the long buying cycles typical in the construction industry.

Social media posting – Social media management tools let you set up posts to be published on multiple platforms days or even weeks in advance. Make sure each post is correctly formatted for each platform and remember to interact with your audience in real time, too.

Referral marketing – Because construction is largely a referral-based industry, it makes sense to let modern technology help out here. With event-triggered emails, you can automatically send your clients a referral request at key moments, such as after they sign a contract or when their project is complete.

Analytics – Digital marketing analytics tools integrate with your website, email, and social media profiles to collect and compile data on your campaigns so you can see your results at a glance.

Plan Ahead

To really make marketing automation work for you, create an editorial calendar and produce your content in batches. If you want to promote your retail store construction services in the coming month, you might write four blog posts on different aspects of retail construction, such as floor plans and environmentally friendly materials. From those posts, you can pull related tips and images that showcase your retail projects for social media. Load everything into your automation tools and it will go out on schedule all month.

3 Tools To Simplify Lead Nurturing

lead nurturingAttentive email lead nurturing is a must if you want to turn your mailing list readers into paying clients. That doesn’t mean cultivating your list has to take hours a week, though. The right tools can save you time while helping you follow basic email marketing best practices.

Irreplaceable tools

  1. List management tool – While it’s possible to manage your email list from Outlook or your website host’s email server, doing this for the long term can lead to needless hassle and wasted time. To keep your list organized and make the most of the data it contains, use software specifically designed for managing email marketing lists. This tool makes it easy to set up newsletters and autoresponder series. Most provide templates for your sign-up forms and newsletters, and supply data such as open rates, click-through rates, and click-to-open rates in an easy-to-read format. Using list management software also helps ensure your newsletters aren’t blocked by your readers’ spam filters.
  2. Customer relationship management (CRM) tool – This tool is essentially an address book with numerous extra features that help you manage your interactions with your clients. It lets you more efficiently initiate marketing messages, onboard new clients, schedule client interactions, and provide support. Most CRM tools also supply you with demographic, behavioral, and other data about your contacts. With this information, you can easily segment your client base and target your marketing more effectively to each segment.
  3. Marketing automation tool – This is one of the most useful tools you can have for reducing the time you spend on email lead nurturing. Marketing automation software automatically sends emails based on a prospect’s actions, such as downloading a free information packet from your site or filling in a form for a strategy session. The software then sends you a reminder to follow up with the prospect. Your prospects promptly receive emails tailored to their current interests and you’re free to run your business.

Because email lead nurturing encompasses types of interactions, you’ll find many software packages include several integrated tools.