3 Effective Ways To Convert Blog Readers To Hot Leads

blog conversionA blog that can convert readers to leads is an invaluable marketing tool, but to bring your blog to that level, you need more than just regular construction news updates. Authoritative content combined with a little direction will give your readers more reason to contact you.

Conversion strategies

  1. Prioritize quality – To get your blog readers interested in doing business with you, you need to prove that you’re a trustworthy authority who offers something your competition doesn’t. Content that demonstrates expertise in your segment of the construction industry does exactly that. Instead of pushing out frequent short update posts, invest time in creating in-depth posts that offer real value to your target readers. As a bonus, these posts tend to get more links and shares, as well as higher search engine rankings.
  2. Offer premium content – The content freely available on your blog is great for attracting new readers, but it’s not always enough to convert readers to leads. To nudge your readers in the right direction, make some of your most valuable content available only in exchange for an email address. This works best with content that solves a specific problem or provides concrete benefits. You might offer your best tips for restoring a historical home or your analysis of data on the most profitable segments of the commercial construction market.
  3. Strategically position calls to action – If you know a little about blog writing, you’re probably already including basic calls to action (CTAs) at the end of your blog posts. While that’s an important step, there’s a lot more you can do to get your readers’ eyes on your CTAs. Include them in the first half of you post for readers who might not reach the end, and in your sidebar and a pop-up or screen overlay. Experiment with wording, formatting and placement, and track your results. For example, you might find a boldly colored graphic in the middle of your posts gets better results than the form in your sidebar.


How To Use Branded Content To Generate Leads

brand marketing strategyIn today’s crowded construction market, traditional ads aren’t always enough to get your firm’s brand noticed. By using branded content wisely, you can not only reach a wider audience, but also connect better with your ideal prospects so they’ll be more likely to contact you.

Focus on Quality

For your content to garner any attention at all, it must offer real value. You’ll get more leads out of a single piece of well-made content than a dozen articles that blandly repeat facts your audience already knows.

Take the time to create content that’s not just informative, but also entertaining or inspiring. Aim to create content that resonates with your audience on an emotional level, not just an intellectual one. It’s this emotional aspect that sets branded content apart from ordinary content marketing material.

Using branded content doesn’t have to be limited to publishing blog posts, photos of your projects, and video tours of your job sites, either. An unusual format, such as a music video, a game, or a series of interviews can do a lot to set you apart from other construction firms and intrigue your audience enough that they make the effort to get in touch with you.

Guide Your Audience to You

While branded content can get your name in front of your target audience, it won’t necessarily bring you leads unless you steer your audience in the right direction. Your branding can be subtle or direct, but there must be some way for your audience to connect the content with your firm.

End your articles with a note about who created the content, with or without a call to action. In your videos, place your logo in the corner or create a simple outro that introduces your firm. If you prefer a more modest approach, include a link in the video description that leads viewers to a page where they can learn more about how the video was made and how your services fit in.

Marketing Your Construction Business Online: Avoid These Mistakes!

online marketingOnline marketing is a complex subject, so it’s easy to make a misstep here and there. By getting familiar with online marketing best practices for construction firms, you can avoid major mistakes that waste your time and drive away business.

Confusing site design – No matter where your visitors enter your site, they should be able to find essential information within a click or two. Offer clear navigation that links to your About, Services, Portfolio, and Contact pages.

No lead-generating incentives – Many of your visitors will click away from your site and disappear forever unless you give them a reason to hand over their contact details. Offer case studies, an in-depth email course, helpful cheatsheets or other free, useful information in exchange for an email address. If you’re offering a free newsletter, give it a catchy title and dedicate a page to promoting it. This is one of the most essential online marketing best practices for generating leads from your website.

Weak social media presence – Neglected social media accounts look unprofessional. Spreading your efforts too thin only wastes your time. To gain leads from social media, you need a consistent, involved presence. It’s better to do one or two platforms well, than five badly. Get proficient with one platform before you expand to another.

Scattershot paid advertising – A banner ad here and a paid search ad there can end up being a waste of money if they’re not part of a well planned campaign based on market research. Know exactly what kind of client you’re targeting and what you want them to do when they reach your site. Stick with each campaign long enough to see results, which is usually 30 days at minimum.

No cohesive plan – Your online marketing should lead your potential clients through the buying process step by step. Plan out a sales funnel that generates leads, qualifies them, then helps you identify their needs and offer an appealing proposal. Develop marketing material for each step of the process.

3 Offline Methods to Capture Construction Email Leads

offline lead generationEmail gives you a convenient and unobtrusive way to nurture your construction leads, but your website isn’t the only way to collect the email addresses of potential clients. With a little preparation, you can efficiently build your email list as you talk with people out in the real world.

Create a Counter Display

Everyone who comes into your main office is a potential new addition to your mailing list, but a few sign-up forms laying on the counter is unlikely to grab anyone’s attention. To help your offer stand out, create an eye-catching counter display that promotes the benefits of signing up for your newsletter, information packet or other free offer by email. Direct your receptionist to mention your offer to visitors and explain the advantages of signing up. Keep your sign-up forms simple. A name and email are all you really need at this stage.

Ask Over the Phone

If you do much cold calling, you know not every prospect will be ready to schedule an on-site sales call the first time you talk, even if they are interested in your services. Instead of just following up with a call later or worse, letting those undecided prospects slip away, ask for an email address. Putting a prospect on your mailing list not only keeps you at the top of their mind, but it also gives you a chance to build trust and familiarity. This way, when you make that follow up call, your prospect will be more amenable to meeting with you.

Host an Event

When planned carefully, an event can quickly build your email list with highly qualified construction leads. For the greatest appeal, aim to provide a clear benefit to the people in your target market, whether they’re developers or homeowners planning renovations. There are countless ways to do this, including lunch and learns, tours of in-progress or recently completed building projects, and just-for-fun events such as family mini-golf days. Collect emails during registration or as your guests enter the event.

For more tips on bringing in construction leads offline, contact us at Construction Monitor.


Targeted Marketing In The Construction Industry

targeted marketingBefore they trust you with their construction projects, your would-be clients want to know you understand the unique demands of their segment of the market. Targeted marketing helps you communicate your valuable specialized expertise, while also making more efficient use of your time and resources to bring in more and better qualified leads.

Define Your Ideal Clients

To more effectively target your marketing, start by breaking the construction market down into the segments that are most profitable for you, given your skillset, and that offer a high potential for growth. First consider the larger segments, primarily:

  • Private
  • Public
  • Industrial
  • Commercial

Then focus in on smaller segments, such as private housing, public education facilities or commercial office buildings. This makes it easier to fine-tune your marketing message to address the concerns of your ideal clients within each of these verticals.

If you focus on commercial office building construction, you might adapt your marketing to emphasis your expertise in issues such energy-efficiency for reduced operating costs and features that win higher rents and occupancy.

To further define your target market, segment by geography. Targeting regions with higher population densities, strong economic growth, and an active construction scene can bring you more leads for less effort.

Reach Out the Right Way

Once you have a clear idea of who you’re trying to reach, you can more accurately determine which marketing channels will reach them effectively. This kind of targeted marketing gives you a better return on your investment than a generalist, scattershot approach.

Consider the kind of information and entertainment your ideal clients look for on a daily basis. What websites do they frequent? Which newspapers and magazines do they read? What TV and radio programs are they drawn to?

If you’re trying to connect with commercial real estate developers, business investment magazines and newspapers are a good bet. If residential construction is your specialty, real estate investment websites and magazines can help you get your firm’s name in front of your ideal clients.

To learn more about attracting leads through targeted marketing, contact Construction Monitor.


Lead Magnets – What They are and Why You Need Them

Your would-be clients are busy professionals, so it often takes a little something extra to encourage them to get in touch. Lead magnets are one of the techniques construction lead services in Cedar City use to grab attention and attract promising prospects.

How Lead Magnets Pull in Prospects

Only a small fraction of website visitors are ready to do business on their first visit. Most are just gathering information and can easily forget about your site once they leave. While they might not be ready to buy, with the right incentive, they’re often willing to provide their contact information. Once you have this, you can begin to nurture your lead toward a sale.

A lead magnet is designed to turn a visitor into a lead. It encourages your website visitors to contact you to learn more about your services, sign up for your mailing list or otherwise provide their email or phone number so you can stay in contact.

What Makes a Powerful Lead Magnet

To do its job, your lead magnet must provide genuinely useful or at least entertaining material that your target prospects actually want. When deciding what kind of lead magnet to create, think about what topics your ideal clients are interested in. Once you’ve decided on a topic, consider the best format to use for delivering that information. Firms specializing in construction lead services in Cedar City can help you decide what to offer and how to package it. Options include:

  • A free consultation aimed at solving a specific problem
  • An email mini-course
  • Handy cheat sheets, checklists or templates
  • An intriguing case study or white paper
  • A lookbook that showcases trending construction methods or materials
  • Exclusive video content

A lead magnet shouldn’t aim to be a comprehensive guide to a broad topic. Instead, it should focus on specific, authoritative information or tools that will provide immediate results toward solving one of the potential clients’ most pressing problems.

To learn more about what construction lead services in Cedar City can do for you, contact Construction Monitor.

Building an Effective Lead Generation Website

With the right design, your website can become a powerful tool for lead generation in the construction business. Your website can build interest and trust while leading visitors to contact you.

Guide Your Visitors

Know the path you want your visitors to take from the first page they land on to the point where they contact you or provide their contact information. Most of your visitors will arrive through an internet search or social media post that brings them to an informational article or blog post. Whatever you post should make a good first impression.

From there, interested visitors will seek out information on what you do and how you work. Your services page should give them a plain English description of your services along with proof of your success, such as testimonials and hard data. On your about page, include photos and, ideally, videos featuring key staff to build the kind of trust that’s a critical factor in lead generation in the construction business.

Make Contact Easy

At the end of your articles and blog posts, include a clear call to action inviting the reader to get in touch. Leave out distractions such as links to old posts or your social media accounts.

On every page, include your contact information and mailing list signup as well as a prominent link to your contact page. On your contact page, list your phone number and email address along with directions to your office.

Keep your contact form simple. A name and email address or phone number is all you need at this stage.

Offer a Little Motivation

Most of your visitors will be content to browse the free information you provide and move on. Offering an incentive can give them the extra nudge they need to hand over their contact information. That incentive could be a free consultation, a time-saving checklist, cheat sheet or template, or even a short email course to help your prospects develop their knowledge on an important topic.

For more tips on effective lead generation in the construction business, contact Construction Monitor today.

3 Innovative Ways to Generate Word-of-Mouth Referrals

referral programReferrals are some of the most promising business prospects you can get, but attracting them takes more ingenuity than ordinary advertising does. With a little creative referral marketing, you can build a steady stream of construction leads.

Make sending postcards easy: Keep the clients waiting in your lobby busy by giving them the opportunity to write a postcard that you’ll send for them. Have a pack of postcards printed up with your firm’s logo and contact information, and either a marketing message or an appealing image the recipient will want to hang on to. Place them in a display on your front desk with a sign explaining your offer. You could offer this as a “refer a friend” option or let your clients write whatever they want.

Showcase your top clients: When you create a presentation, workshop or post for your blog, find a way to highlight your best clients. Helping your clients gain visibility can bring them more business and encourage them to return the favor. In addition, the fact that they’re already working with you acts as an endorsement. It gives anyone considering hiring your firm a place to turn for a third-party opinion on your services.

Join a networking group: Meeting up with a group of other professionals for breakfast every Tuesday might not seem like an efficient referral marketing tactic, but consider that each one of those business people has a network of their own. Building real relationships with them gives you a chance to tap into those broader networks.

Interacting with a group of like-minded individuals also helps you develop your knowledge, pick up new marketing ideas, and gain connections and opportunities for collaboration.

As you get to know people in the group, aim to inform them of how you handle referrals. Let them know you treat prospects with respect and won’t hound them for work. This helps remove the perceived risk to someone who might want to send a friend or their own client your way.

For more tips on effective referral marketing, contact Construction Monitor today.

5 Ways Social Media Can Bring You New Customers

social media marketingSpend some time browsing construction-related conversations on the major social media sites and you’ll quickly notice what a rich source of targeted leads these platforms can be. With a little nurturing, those warm social media leads can turn into some of your best customers.

Positioning — The text, images and videos you post to your social media accounts will attract attention from developers and other professionals planning a construction project. Regularly posting relevant, useful information demonstrates your knowledge and skills, positioning you as a helpful, reliable expert.

Listen to your target market — Social media gives you an unparalleled opportunity to listen in on what your target market is talking about so you can learn exactly what they need and want. By searching for those who are already talking about construction issues, you can zero in on potential clients and take the initiative in connecting with them.

Build relationships — Through social media, you can connect with prospects and business partners you might otherwise never know about. Because these platforms are built for conversation, they make it easy to form the kind of close relationships that translate into sales and referrals.

Create events — Live events give your potential clients a chance to get to know you as a person and develop the rapport that’s critical for winning clients in a high-stakes industry like construction. Events draw attention to your firm and help you demonstrate your expertise while discovering your prospects’ most pressing concerns. Facebook Live, Twitter chats, Google Hangouts, and Reddit’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) are all options for bringing in social media leads.

Advertise — Many social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, offer paid adverting options that let you send out your message to precisely targeted groups. This kind of focus can bring a better return on investment than more general advertising venues, such as magazines and websites. Each platform is unique, so before you jump in, research the approach that works best for the platform you’ve chosen.

For more ideas on attracting a consistent flow of social media leads, contact Construction Monitor.

3 Tips for Building a Construction Lead Email List

When it comes to online marketing for a construction business–or any kind of business– success or failure often depends on the email list. When you have new products or services to offer or you just want to promote your company, you can send emails to this list knowing there is already interest in your offerings. You can use the following three tips to help with email list building for your construction company.

  1. Exchange value for email address: Along with the useful information already on your website, blog, or social media pages, you can offer a particularly valuable item in exchange for a site visitor’s email address. In most cases, this will be an ebook, white paper, or report covering a specific issue or area relevant to visitors’ needs. Site visitors can enter their email into an opt-in form and then download the item. In this exchange, leads get useful information and you get their email address and permission to send more emails.
  2. Ask for referrals: Ask your existing customers for referrals (via email address) to friends, colleagues, or relatives who may be interested in your services. Happy, satisfied customers are usually very willing to provide referrals. You can then approach these referrals via email with higher confidence that they will be willing to hear your message.
  3. Provide ongoing news and information: You can acquire email addresses by providing an online subscription to a regular newsletter or other email-based publication. Subscribing to the newsletter will again require the lead to willingly give you an email address where the newsletter can be sent. This allows you to market your company through the content you provide in the newsletter. It also provides the opportunity to maintain awareness of your company by showing up regularly in the lead’s email.

Construction Monitor can help grow your business with up-to-date data on construction starts, along with suggestions for best practices in marketing and lead development. Contact us today for more information on email list building for the construction industry and how you can benefit from a large email list of both leads and existing customers.