Can Guestblogging Really Help Grow Your Business?

guestbloggingGiven the time and effort involved in guestblogging, it’s natural to wonder if all that work is going to pay off in new construction clients. While it does take some research and networking, if you choose the right topics and blogs to work with, guestblogging can bring results.

Connect with Your Ideal Clients

Especially for B2B service providers, guestblogging offers a way to reach new niche audiences of active buyers. The key to reaching the most profitable audiences for you is careful selection.

Seek out blogs that attract your target audience, but aren’t run by your direct competitors. If you specialize in building retail stores, that might mean blogs that forcus on retail marketing or small business management, or on an even narrower niche such as fashion retail. If you’re looking for home renovation clients, you might work with blogs written by materials suppliers and tradespeople such as electricians and carpenters.

Look for signs of an engaged readership, too. If the blog’s regular posts attract comments and social media shares, your guest post is also likely to get attention. When you find an appropriate blog, pitch them your idea before you write the whole post.

Attract Clients by Offering Value

A guest post shouldn’t read like an advertisement. Instead of promoting or even mentioning your services, provide genuinely valuable information that helps your target clients meet their goals. If you’re trying to attract retail store clients, you might write about the top five building features that help stores sell more. Your bio at the end will tell readers how you can help them get these features in their stores.

Before you choose your topic, spend some time browsing the blog to see what the audience responds to best. For example, do they prefer posts with lots of technical detail or ones that tell interesting stories? You don’t want to rehash common topics, but you also don’t want anything wildly different from what the audience is used to.

3 Ways To Incorporate Influencer Content Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

influencer marketingWhen you hire a social media influencer to create content for your construction firm, you’re getting a marketing asset that’s made to be re-purposed. Strategically using influencer content in your own content marketing ensures you get as much value as possible out of your investment.

Share it on Social Media

Instead of just sharing your new content as-is, add your own individual touch to further your personal connection with your audience.

If you post influencer-made photos to your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, write unique captions for each post. Later, incorporate the most popular photos into a collage or use them as part of a video. If the influencer has written a blog post or review around your services, pull some quotes and post them with your own comments.

Then pay attention to your audience’s reaction. High-quality content that garners an exceptional amount likes, comments, and shares might be worth promoting though paid social media ads.

Send it to Your Email List

Because your email list readers are some of your most dedicated fans, email is the ideal place to go into more depth on the topics your new influencer content covers. For instance, you might talk about how the content ties into your firm’s current projects or future plans.

Using influencer content to spark discussion can bring you valuable feedback from your list. Ask your readers if they agree or disagree with the influencer’s opinions or if they feel the infuencer missed any important points.

Feature it on Your Website

Photos and quotes from an influencer make easy jumping-off points for blog posts and website pages. You can provide more detail on the services the influencer talks about, expand on their thoughts about your segment of the construction industry or just respond to their opinion of your firm.

For example, if an influencer mentions your kitchen remodeling skills, use that quote as the basis for a post highlighting some of the kitchens in your portfolio.


How Word-Of-Mouth Advertising Has Moved Online

word of mouth advertisingA personal referral from a satisfied client is more powerful than any ad, but these days, that kind of word of mouth advertising isn’t limited to in-person conversations. Knowing how to spread the word online will help you win clients you might otherwise never have heard from.

Social Media Buzz

Social media is an indispensable tool not just for connecting directly with your potential clients, but also for helping them connect with each other. When people come across something useful or interesting online, they’re often happy to share it with anyone they think might benefit. Social media makes sharing quick and easy.

By publishing insightful guides and whitepapers, inspiring images, and other material that helps your would-be clients accomplish their goals, you’ll give them something to share with others in the market. Your shared content then does the work of demonstrating your skills and expertise without coming off as self-promotional.

Sites such as LinkedIn and Houzz are natural fits for construction professionals, but mainstream social platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest also help. The trick is to know which platform your target market gravitates to and direct your efforts there. Each one requires a tailored approach.

The Power of Influencers

Online influencers are bloggers, experts, celebrities, and others who have the power to affect purchasing decisions thanks to a large online following of people who trust their opinion. The Internet has allowed enthusiasts in even the smallest niches to establish followings, giving you the chance to access highly targeted audiences.

Well established bloggers commonly offer paid advertising opportunities such as sponsored posts, reviews, and shout-outs. Because these allow the blogger to inject their own personality and opinions, they’re more relatable, engaging, and trustworthy than ads. Guest posting, publishing your post on someone else’s blog, is another way to tap into an influencer’s audience. These methods work as efficient word of mouth advertising with one trusted authority recommending your services to hundreds or thousands of people in your target market.