Increase Conversion Through Personalized Emails

personalized emailEven when they’re planning the same type of construction project, no two prospects are ever exactly alike. Personalized emails let you speak to each prospects’ specific interests and zero in on the factors that will motivate them to choose your firm.

Show Your Prospects You Get Them

Personalization makes your emails more relevant and useful to your prospects. It shows them you’re listening and understand their needs. You’ll hold their interest longer, build trust, and win their business by proving you can give them exactly what they want.

The benefits starts with increased email open rates and continue all the way through to more sales meetings that result in signed contracts.

Personalizing the subject lines of your emails helps them stand out from the bland marketing messages that crowd your prospects’ inboxes. When the subject line mentions the type of building project they’ve been planning, a service they’ve expressed interest in or just their name, your prospect is more likely to notice and open that email.

Behavior-triggered emails help keep your prospects on their path toward becoming a client. For instance, after a prospect has been browsing a certain category on your site, you might send them an email offering related information and inviting them to get in touch with any questions.

Stay Relevant Automatically

Email personalization tools make sending highly individualized emails nearly effortless. Most work by letting you choose criteria for automatically sending a specific email. For example, you might decide to email prospects who viewed a specific page more than twice in one week with a message offering a white paper or a consultation on the topic.

These tools also let you collect data on your email readers’ behavior, so you can spot more ways to personalize future emails. If you notice your medical facilities construction prospects spend more time researching than others, you can tailor their emails to reflect that.

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