Video Marketing Tips for Your Construction Business

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Video marketing is becoming one of the main ways that organizations are communicating with customers. While many in the construction industry continue to avoid this viable marketing tool, your overall sales and promotion strategy should include some video capabilities. 

Your first step is to hold a planning session and include at least one representative from every facet of your business operations. Discuss options and affordability for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021.

Construction business marketing includes:

  • Content management (blogs for SEO [search engine optimization])
  • COVID-19 recovery strategy
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Social media
  • Display advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing

Getting Started: Your Construction Business and Videos

You can DIY or hire an agency for construction business video marketing. YouTube is free and your website is a perfect placeholder for the video links. You can purchase an inexpensive camera or use your phone’s video capabilities to use right on job sites. 

Lights, camera, action! Videos are also called “vlogs,” because their purpose is blog-like. Vlogs provide information about your construction business.

If you’re new to video marketing, here are 15 simple ideas for videos:

  1. Company announcements
  2. Behind-the-scenes at work
  3. Case studies
  4. Client interviews
  5. Construction team interviews
  6. Corporate culture
  7. Customer testimonials
  8. Decision-makers/founders
  9. Drone footage
  10. Jobsite safety precautions for employees/contractors/property owners
  11. Leadership teams
  12. Product reviews
  13. Project reviews
  14. Special events
  15. Training/how-to processes/Walk-throughs

Appearances do matter. You may find hiring a production company is affordable and gives your video a polished, professional appearance. If one of your team members take on the initial groundwork and arrangements, a production company’s time can be minimized.

Options for your video include:

  • Audio enhancement
  • Brand-specific (your brand) content packaging
  • Closed captioning
  • Editing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Special effects

Corporate clients and investors will want to see examples of your finished projects. Shooting a video to showcase your best work is a powerful marketing tool. Your video marketing should be as client-specific as possible. If homebuyers are your target, interior and exterior tours are beneficial. It can give them ideas for their project.

Construction Monitor offers the kind of data analytics you need to build a post-coronavirus marketing campaign. Ask us how building permits information can give you an edge over your competitors.

Marketing Construction Equipment: Get Data-Driven

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In the construction equipment industry, there’s no such thing as too much information, otherwise known as TMI. Today’s customers, in their quest of wanting to know more about everything, have become data-driven. Businesses slow to catch on will be the also-rans in a competitive race for market share. If your business includes marketing construction equipment, your goal should be TMI.

3 Marketing Construction Equipment Tips

Marketing to the right people at the right time requires knowledge and no small amount of commitment. Using data to narrow the construction equipment customer field is what will make your company stand out. When the right customers need you, you’ll already be there.

Here are three data-driven strategies for marketing construction equipment. You need to be able to identify who, what, and when.

1. Who

You can’t keep throwing money “out there” and hoping for hits. Bad leads will waste valuable time and resources. Identify your prospects and get down to the basics. Historically, who are your likely customers? Now look beyond that to explore who would benefit from your equipment and/or services. You can use historical data trends or current building permit data.

2. What

Brand loyalty is what you want to cultivate. Round up every testimonial from every customer you’ve had and publish them on your website. Informed buyers seek testimonials before they buy. If your construction equipment is a national leader, find loyal consumers in your area and initiate a relationship.

Prospective buyers who say “I only buy (XYZ equipment)” is not worthy of a lot of your time, but…again, build relationships. They might convert and become customers that say they only buy from you.

3. When

When is your potential customer ready to make a decision to buy? Data analysis can help you determine buying cycles and capitalize on each one. Buying cycles are:

  • Awareness – The buyer sees your product as a possibility.
  • Consideration – Now is the time to make the buyer aware of your equipment and brand advantages.
  • Purchase – Buyer makes the final decision. If you have a clear understanding of your market, the odds of your buyer choosing you are greatly improved.

Use timely, relevant information to increase profits. Call 800-925-6085 or contact Construction Monitor.