Future-Proof Your Contractor Business

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If nothing else, 2020 verified what most of us already knew:

  1. Construction is an essential business.
  2. You can’t predict the future.

If you have a construction contractor business, here are some tips to protect yourself from future surprises. For Construction Pros calls it “future-proofing your business.”

What Your Contractor Business Can (and Can’t) Control

There’s nothing you can do to control the global economy. A contractor business may not be able to influence global politics, but it can up its game technologically.

BIM + ERP = Greater Profits

Building information management (BIM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) are software technologies that are perhaps used in your contractor business to manage financials and human resources. But when working together, they can deliver much more.

ERP empowers companies to predict project performance, lower costs, and deliver projects on-time “at a high quality and with minimum risk.” But it needs data to make this happen.

Implement IoT for Servitization

“Servitization” is a transformation journey, said Cambridge’s Andy Neely. It’s developing the capabilities you need to provide services and solutions that supplement traditional product offerings.

A servitized arrangement puts you in a partnership with the project owner. It increases your risk but the Internet of things (IoT) can be used to track performance and increase compensation.

Utilize Off-Site Construction

What’s not to like? Off-site fabrication makes better use of labor and materials. It lowers costs, makes timelines more attainable, and a contractor business doesn’t have to work around the weather. We may see an increase in materials’ and parts’ standardization.

Secure the Future of Your Contractor Business

Transformational technologies are basically software programs that enable new opportunities. Construction Monitor provides transformational technology benefits to your construction business every time we sort building permit information for you. Our service maximizes your time by giving you customized information that is in real-time and relevant to your contractor business. 

You can use it for leads.

Use it for more competitive bids.

You can use it to partner with other companies.

You’ve got to use it.

Contact Construction Monitor to put our future-proofing information to work.

Construction Contractors and Business Relationship-Building

Construction Contractors

There are exceptions to every rule but many believe there are innate differences between most men and most women. One pandemic-quarantined man bemoaned, “If I have to talk about my feelings with my wife one more time, I may kill myself.”

Construction contractors are diverse men and women of every cultural and educational background but there’s one thing they all need to do: Construction contractors should build relationships in the construction industry.

When construction contractors focus on relationship-building, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re sharing their feelings. It means they’re creating a positive customer experience. Engaged, satisfied customers can lead to more work, more business connections, and more money.

Successful Construction Contractors Build Positive Customer Experiences With Every Touch

Relationship-building is just as important as building houses and infrastructure. Your website, project sites, cellphone conversations, even your leave-a-message message “touch” potential clients.

Here are some relationship-building tips for construction contractors that strategize for industry success:

Open, Responsive Lines of Communication

How many lines of communication do you have? Does someone have to blow dust off a laptop to discover you have online requests for information? Is your cellphone mailbox full?

There shouldn’t be any dead-ends in your lines of communication. Lines of communication include:

  1. Cellphone calling
  2. Cellphone texting/messaging
  3. Email
  4. Snail mail
  5. Your business website

And every line of communication should be open and responsive.

Say What You Mean; Mean What You Say

Probably the best advertisement for your business is a reputation for honesty. It’s sometimes called “transparency.” If you can’t answer a client’s questions now, let them know when you will respond. And do it.

Construction contractors that lowball bids and then try to make it up mid-project get the kind of reputation you don’t want. The same goes for promising quality and delivering shoddy work.

Being honest – transparent – should be the easiest thing to be for most companies. If not, they won’t survive beyond this generation of buyers and builders.

Customer Satisfaction Is Key

If you’re about to enter a relationship with a customer you are 99% sure isn’t going to be happy no matter what you do, walk away. Just one disappointed client can put some big chips in the goodwill you’ve worked so hard to build.

Put Technology to Work for You

You can work faster and smarter when you use technology. Construction Monitor has business development technology for relationship building and lead generation. Don’t delay. Communicate with us today.

Building Relationships in the Construction Industry

In the construction industry, as in any other area of business or life, the quality of the relationships you develop will have a significant influence on the quality of your business. The Boise construction industry, along with the construction field in other areas of the country, thrives on well-developed relationships among professionals and their customers. Here are some ways you can more effectively build relationships in the construction industry.

  • boise constructionCommunicate effectively: The quality of the relationship will depend on the quality of the communication involved. When dealing with another professional, make sure you and your representatives communicate frequently and accurately. Establish standards and processes and keep in touch to make sure they are being followed. Make sure your partners know what is required and what you expect from them. Be available when your partners try to contact you and get back to them promptly with the answers they need. Similarly, stay connected with your customers and ensure they get frequent, accurate, and reliable updates on project progress and milestones.
  • Use your networks: Use your networks to establish new relationships and maintain existing ones. Networking events, local business organizations, and industry meetings can help you maintain contact with customers and partners you already have and give you the chance to develop new contacts. Ask your network for referrals and be prepared to return the favor when anyone in your network needs a boost.
  • Recognize common areas: When working with new or existing contacts, listen carefully to what they need and look for areas of common interest. These interests can include similar business goals, complementary interests in civic matters, or even some similarities in personal interests. When you have identified common professional interests, propose collaborations or partnerships that allow both of you to pursue those goals with your combined resources, in anticipation of a result that will be mutually satisfactory.

Construction Monitor helps firms of all sizes develop business leads and solid relationships among building firms, contractors, suppliers, and customers. Contact us today for more information on Boise construction and on developing leads in other geographical areas and communities around the country.

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