Construction Contractors and Business Relationship-Building

Construction Contractors

There are exceptions to every rule but many believe there are innate differences between most men and most women. One pandemic-quarantined man bemoaned, “If I have to talk about my feelings with my wife one more time, I may kill myself.”

Construction contractors are diverse men and women of every cultural and educational background but there’s one thing they all need to do: Construction contractors should build relationships in the construction industry.

When construction contractors focus on relationship-building, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re sharing their feelings. It means they’re creating a positive customer experience. Engaged, satisfied customers can lead to more work, more business connections, and more money.

Successful Construction Contractors Build Positive Customer Experiences With Every Touch

Relationship-building is just as important as building houses and infrastructure. Your website, project sites, cellphone conversations, even your leave-a-message message “touch” potential clients.

Here are some relationship-building tips for construction contractors that strategize for industry success:

Open, Responsive Lines of Communication

How many lines of communication do you have? Does someone have to blow dust off a laptop to discover you have online requests for information? Is your cellphone mailbox full?

There shouldn’t be any dead-ends in your lines of communication. Lines of communication include:

  1. Cellphone calling
  2. Cellphone texting/messaging
  3. Email
  4. Snail mail
  5. Your business website

And every line of communication should be open and responsive.

Say What You Mean; Mean What You Say

Probably the best advertisement for your business is a reputation for honesty. It’s sometimes called “transparency.” If you can’t answer a client’s questions now, let them know when you will respond. And do it.

Construction contractors that lowball bids and then try to make it up mid-project get the kind of reputation you don’t want. The same goes for promising quality and delivering shoddy work.

Being honest – transparent – should be the easiest thing to be for most companies. If not, they won’t survive beyond this generation of buyers and builders.

Customer Satisfaction Is Key

If you’re about to enter a relationship with a customer you are 99% sure isn’t going to be happy no matter what you do, walk away. Just one disappointed client can put some big chips in the goodwill you’ve worked so hard to build.

Put Technology to Work for You

You can work faster and smarter when you use technology. Construction Monitor has business development technology for relationship building and lead generation. Don’t delay. Communicate with us today.

How to Leverage Strategic Partnerships to Generate Construction Leads

The process of building a construction business can be done alone, but it will be significantly easier and faster if you collaborate with other companies and form strategic partnerships. A strategic partnership is designed to allow your company and one or more partners to accomplish more together than you could individually. Here are some suggestions for forging mutually beneficial strategic partnerships and some lead generation tips you can use to help you and your partner grow.

  • Partner with companies with products and services that complement your own: Look for partners whose products and services are not identical to your own but that complement what you offer. If you specialize in new construction, for example, you might consider strategic partnerships with electricians, HVAC professionals, or paint and carpet suppliers. They can help direct you to leads that may need the type of construction services you offer while you help them with access to new construction projects and customers.
  • Partner with companies that have an existing customer base: A company with an existing customer base that is larger than yours will have access to more leads for your company. This can mean partnering with companies that have been around for a long time or that are highly successful. Offer these companies a partnership of value and they are very likely to want to work with you.
  • Partner with companies whose lead generation processes are more effective: One of the most effective lead generation tips available is to partner with a company whose lead generation techniques are more effective than your own. Perhaps such a company will have more business than it can handle, or it may get leads from potential customers who could use your company’s more specialized services. Trade knowledge with this company and learn its best lead generation tips.

Construction Monitor helps builders, renovators, designers, and other professionals in the construction industry with up-to-date business data and practice tips. Contact us today for more lead generation tips and additional information on how you can use strategic partnerships between your company and others to improve your business performance.