Can Guestblogging Really Help Grow Your Business?

guestbloggingGiven the time and effort involved in guestblogging, it’s natural to wonder if all that work is going to pay off in new construction clients. While it does take some research and networking, if you choose the right topics and blogs to work with, guestblogging can bring results.

Connect with Your Ideal Clients

Especially for B2B service providers, guestblogging offers a way to reach new niche audiences of active buyers. The key to reaching the most profitable audiences for you is careful selection.

Seek out blogs that attract your target audience, but aren’t run by your direct competitors. If you specialize in building retail stores, that might mean blogs that forcus on retail marketing or small business management, or on an even narrower niche such as fashion retail. If you’re looking for home renovation clients, you might work with blogs written by materials suppliers and tradespeople such as electricians and carpenters.

Look for signs of an engaged readership, too. If the blog’s regular posts attract comments and social media shares, your guest post is also likely to get attention. When you find an appropriate blog, pitch them your idea before you write the whole post.

Attract Clients by Offering Value

A guest post shouldn’t read like an advertisement. Instead of promoting or even mentioning your services, provide genuinely valuable information that helps your target clients meet their goals. If you’re trying to attract retail store clients, you might write about the top five building features that help stores sell more. Your bio at the end will tell readers how you can help them get these features in their stores.

Before you choose your topic, spend some time browsing the blog to see what the audience responds to best. For example, do they prefer posts with lots of technical detail or ones that tell interesting stories? You don’t want to rehash common topics, but you also don’t want anything wildly different from what the audience is used to.

How to Use Storytelling to Attract New Business

storytellingIt’s part of human nature that stories hold our attention and teach us more than dry facts and data. The same holds true when you’re telling potential clients about your construction company. Storytelling helps you attract new clients by painting a clear, emotionally resonant picture of the benefits your company offers.

Celebrate Your Clients’ Successes

Before they hire you, your would-be clients want some assurance that others have had success working with you. One of the best ways to give them that is by telling the stories of your clients who’ve gone on to great things. It might be the story of the boutique hotel you built that’s now seeing above-average occupancy rates or the auto shop owner whose new warehouse has let him expand into a new line of business.

Sharing success stories like these lets your prospects envision themselves as one of your future successful clients. When they can do that, they’ll be excited to get in touch with you. When you write about your clients, with their approval, talk about the individuals involved on a personal level. People relate to people, not companies.

Share Your Hard-Won Accomplishments

Stories of overcoming obstacles are a chance to show off your skill, flexibility, and ingenuity. They tell your prospects you can handle anything their project throws at you. They also show you value transparency, assuring your prospects they can trust you to be upfront when difficulties turn up.

To really showcase your competence, tell stories that come from challenges you chose to tackle, such as building a multistory office complex on peaty clay or meeting a client’s stringent demands for environmental sustainability. Stories like these work especially well for attracting prospects with specific requirements most construction companies can’t handle.

Once you have your stories written, get them out to your target audience by publishing them on your blog, including them in your newsletter and lead magnets, and promoting them on your social media accounts.

Increasing an Audience Starts With Great Content… but it Doesn’t End There

Valuacontent strategyble, thought-provoking content is a must for building an audience, but just throwing that content online won’t get you much attention. To gain a loyal readership that really engages with your construction company’s online content, you’ll need to put some effort into connecting with your audience.

Reach Out to Your Market

Directly interacting with people in your target audience is one of the best ways to make sure your content gets seen. Instead of just posting your own content to your social media accounts, get involved with your target readers by “liking,” replying to, and sharing their posts. When you leave a comment, make it something meaningful that will stand out.

Build a list of active blogs that cover your construction specialty and when you spot a new post that might attract your target readers, stop by to leave a thoughtful comment.

If there’s a forum where your ideal clients go for guidance on their building projects, make it a point to contribute your expertise there. Once you build a good reputation with the regulars, occasionally share links to your content when you think it might help someone.

Network with Industry Pros

Cooperating with other businesses lets you tap into existing audiences to build your own. Plumbers, electricians, and other contractors, building materials suppliers, architects and civil engineers, interior decorators and landscapers can all help get more eyes on your content.

Look for complementary businesses that share your target audience and put yourself on their radar by commenting on their blog and social media posts, and sharing their work with your audience.

After a few weeks, send a personalized email to let them know about any blog posts or other content you might have that would benefit readers. You can even involve them in your content creation by asking for a quote or conducting an interview. Offering to write a guest post is another effective way to attract their readers’ to your content in a way that benefits everyone involved. 

5 Reasons To Use Lead Magnets

lead magent

When visitors land on your website, they’re not always ready to start a conversation immediately. Lead magnets help you grab your visitors’ contact information before they click away so you can continue building a relationship. Here are some tips to keep your readership reading.

Convince the undecided

When someone is in the information-gathering stage of planning a construction project, blog posts aren’t always enough to convince them to call or even fire off an email. An effective lead magnet, however, offers highly valuable, hard-to-find benefits your visitors just can’t pass up. It gives them a solid reason to hand over their contact information when they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Attract the right people

A typical lead magnet is narrowly focused on a specific topic. It might be a white paper on investing in senior housing or a guide to remodeling a home for energy efficiency. Because it appeals directly to someone considering investing in a specific type of construction project, it helps qualify your leads before you even speak with them.

Demonstrate your expertise

Lead magnets let you dive into specific topics and show off your in-depth knowledge. Offering exclusive research you’ve conducted yourself, such as a case study based on one of your firm’s projects, establishes you as a thought-leader in the industry. It positions your firm as both trustworthy and high-value.

Start building relationships

Your prospects need more than just facts before they decide you’re the right construction firm for them. They also need to see your team as people they’ll enjoy working with. A lead magnet lets you show your human side and express your company values to start developing more personal relationships.

Prime your prospects for sales

Because they provide so much value, lead magnets hold your prospects’ attention for longer than most content. That gives you more time to build your prospects’ interest and lead them toward making the decision to work with you.

Done right, lead magnets not only let you capture potential clients who might otherwise pass by, but they also help you win your prospects’ trust for an easier sales process.


Lead Magnets – What They are and Why You Need Them

Your would-be clients are busy professionals, so it often takes a little something extra to encourage them to get in touch. Lead magnets are one of the techniques construction lead services in Cedar City use to grab attention and attract promising prospects.

How Lead Magnets Pull in Prospects

Only a small fraction of website visitors are ready to do business on their first visit. Most are just gathering information and can easily forget about your site once they leave. While they might not be ready to buy, with the right incentive, they’re often willing to provide their contact information. Once you have this, you can begin to nurture your lead toward a sale.

A lead magnet is designed to turn a visitor into a lead. It encourages your website visitors to contact you to learn more about your services, sign up for your mailing list or otherwise provide their email or phone number so you can stay in contact.

What Makes a Powerful Lead Magnet

To do its job, your lead magnet must provide genuinely useful or at least entertaining material that your target prospects actually want. When deciding what kind of lead magnet to create, think about what topics your ideal clients are interested in. Once you’ve decided on a topic, consider the best format to use for delivering that information. Firms specializing in construction lead services in Cedar City can help you decide what to offer and how to package it. Options include:

  • A free consultation aimed at solving a specific problem
  • An email mini-course
  • Handy cheat sheets, checklists or templates
  • An intriguing case study or white paper
  • A lookbook that showcases trending construction methods or materials
  • Exclusive video content

A lead magnet shouldn’t aim to be a comprehensive guide to a broad topic. Instead, it should focus on specific, authoritative information or tools that will provide immediate results toward solving one of the potential clients’ most pressing problems.

To learn more about what construction lead services in Cedar City can do for you, contact Construction Monitor.