Using Competitive Analysis to Supercharge Your Own Campaigns

competitor analysisIf you’re looking to get some use out of the information you collected in a recent competitive analysis, your ad campaigns are a good place to start. What you know about your competitors can help you refine your strategy and tap into new opportunities in the construction market.

Defining Your Market

Choosing the right target audience is a major part of what makes an advertising campaign successful. By helping you spot segments of the market your competitors have overlooked, a competitive analysis can uncover clients who are ripe for the picking.

Your analysis might reveal a whole niche you can move into unimpeded. If no one in your area is paying attention to the restaurant construction market, that might be something worth looking into. Information about your competitors can also help you narrow your niche down to find an audience you can appeal to with specialist expertise. If your competitors focus on general hotel construction services, you might want to refine your ad campaign to target boutique hotel or spa hotel clients.

Perfecting Your Marketing

When you what know your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses are in terms of advertising, you can more easily see what type of ad campaign will pay off for you. Maybe your main competitors are all running extensive Facebook ad campaigns, but they’re neglecting LinkedIn. That leaves an opening for you. On the other hand, it also tells you it’s probably a good idea to invest in Facebook advertising, too.

Your analysis can give you ideas on which benefits to highlight in your ads. If your competitors’ reviews are peppered with complaints about delays, use your ads to assure your audience you can stick to a deadline. You might also get ideas on what overall style to use for your ads. Are your competitors’ ads all strictly serious? Consider setting your company apart by mixing a little humor into yours.

Get More Work: Fresh Tips for Construction Marketing

The search for new customers will always be an integral part of every business, and construction is no exception. Even as the buildings go up on one project, it is essential that you keep working to bring in a new customer for the next project. Here are some effective construction marketing tips that can help you find leads and new customers.

  • construction leadsUse your network: If you already have a customer base, ask them for referrals to others who may need your services. Your happy customers will be very likely to refer you to their colleagues. Networking can also involve attending events, social and service club meetings, Chamber of Commerce gatherings, and other meetings. At these events, you can mingle with other business owners and like-minded persons, making acquaintances who may be able to help you in the future.
  • Advertise: Advertising is not dead, and for a construction firm, it can still be effective. For example, put signs on the perimeter fence around your construction site. These signs should include your company name and contact information. Invest in magnetic signage that can be applied to vehicles used for company business. Consider newspaper advertising, Yellow Pages advertising, and similar traditional venues, but carefully weigh the cost.
  • Use social media: Social media is everywhere, it seems, and its presence in the lives of your potential customers gives you a good way to reach new clients. Keep an active presence on Facebook, LinkedInĀ and Twitter, with regular updates. Update your blog with fresh content regularly. Use your social media presence to give potential customers a way to interact with you directly.
  • Be newsworthy: If someone on your staff earns an accreditation or other credential, send a press release to your local newspaper. Participate in local events or charitable causes, such as food drives or Christmas toy collections. Promote the contributions you make to your community and local organizations.

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