Effective Online Lead Generation for Construction Contractors

live chatWhile there are dozens of ways construction contractors can bring in business leads online, not all of them are an efficient use of your resources. Focusing on proven-effective online lead generation methods will bring you more clients in less time.

Offer a Valuable Incentive

Your contact form isn’t the only way to get leads from your website. Giving away a useful freebie in exchange for contact information makes it easier and more attractive for your visitors to pass on their details.

To entice your visitors, offer access to a detailed whitepaper, webinar, time-saving templates or handy cheatsheet. Aim to solve a specific problem or expand your prospects’ knowledge on a topic that’s critical to the success of their construction project. To maximize opportunities for conversion, consider creating several free downloads and dedicating a full page of your website to them.

Setup Live Chat

Your prospects are busy people and when they can’t find the information they need fast, chances are they’ll click away and move on to other construction contractors. With a live chat option, they’ll be able to type in their question and get a quick and precise reply.

You’ll have a chance to ask for contact details so you can follow up with more information later. More importantly, by helping your visitor in real time, you start to build the rapport and trust that’s so important in the construction business. Most live chat software provides mobile apps, so you still chat with prospects while you’re out on a jobsite.

Install an Exit Pop-up

An exit pop-up appears only when your visitor is about to leave your site. It gives you one last chance to connect before they disappear, most likely forever. You can use the pop-up to encourage your visitor to sign up for your newsletter or download your free information product, but as an extra incentive, consider offering an exceptionally useful gift that isn’t available anywhere else on your site.

3 Offline Methods to Capture Construction Email Leads

offline lead generationEmail gives you a convenient and unobtrusive way to nurture your construction leads, but your website isn’t the only way to collect the email addresses of potential clients. With a little preparation, you can efficiently build your email list as you talk with people out in the real world.

Create a Counter Display

Everyone who comes into your main office is a potential new addition to your mailing list, but a few sign-up forms laying on the counter is unlikely to grab anyone’s attention. To help your offer stand out, create an eye-catching counter display that promotes the benefits of signing up for your newsletter, information packet or other free offer by email. Direct your receptionist to mention your offer to visitors and explain the advantages of signing up. Keep your sign-up forms simple. A name and email are all you really need at this stage.

Ask Over the Phone

If you do much cold calling, you know not every prospect will be ready to schedule an on-site sales call the first time you talk, even if they are interested in your services. Instead of just following up with a call later or worse, letting those undecided prospects slip away, ask for an email address. Putting a prospect on your mailing list not only keeps you at the top of their mind, but it also gives you a chance to build trust and familiarity. This way, when you make that follow up call, your prospect will be more amenable to meeting with you.

Host an Event

When planned carefully, an event can quickly build your email list with highly qualified construction leads. For the greatest appeal, aim to provide a clear benefit to the people in your target market, whether they’re developers or homeowners planning renovations. There are countless ways to do this, including lunch and learns, tours of in-progress or recently completed building projects, and just-for-fun events such as family mini-golf days. Collect emails during registration or as your guests enter the event.

For more tips on bringing in construction leads offline, contact us at Construction Monitor.


5 Must-Do Activities To Generate Leads Online

Targeted Marketing In The Construction Industry

targeted marketingBefore they trust you with their construction projects, your would-be clients want to know you understand the unique demands of their segment of the market. Targeted marketing helps you communicate your valuable specialized expertise, while also making more efficient use of your time and resources to bring in more and better qualified leads.

Define Your Ideal Clients

To more effectively target your marketing, start by breaking the construction market down into the segments that are most profitable for you, given your skillset, and that offer a high potential for growth. First consider the larger segments, primarily:

  • Private
  • Public
  • Industrial
  • Commercial

Then focus in on smaller segments, such as private housing, public education facilities or commercial office buildings. This makes it easier to fine-tune your marketing message to address the concerns of your ideal clients within each of these verticals.

If you focus on commercial office building construction, you might adapt your marketing to emphasis your expertise in issues such energy-efficiency for reduced operating costs and features that win higher rents and occupancy.

To further define your target market, segment by geography. Targeting regions with higher population densities, strong economic growth, and an active construction scene can bring you more leads for less effort.

Reach Out the Right Way

Once you have a clear idea of who you’re trying to reach, you can more accurately determine which marketing channels will reach them effectively. This kind of targeted marketing gives you a better return on your investment than a generalist, scattershot approach.

Consider the kind of information and entertainment your ideal clients look for on a daily basis. What websites do they frequent? Which newspapers and magazines do they read? What TV and radio programs are they drawn to?

If you’re trying to connect with commercial real estate developers, business investment magazines and newspapers are a good bet. If residential construction is your specialty, real estate investment websites and magazines can help you get your firm’s name in front of your ideal clients.

To learn more about attracting leads through targeted marketing, contact Construction Monitor.


Following Up On Social Media Leads

social media leadsBy regularly engaging with your target market on social media, you can have promising construction leads coming in regularly. To turn those social media leads into clients, however, you need a follow-up strategy that’s in tune with their unique needs.

Start with Soft Conversions

Social media leads come to you earlier in the buying cycle than referrals and those who found you through a web search. They’re often still unsure about what they need from a construction firm, so gunning for a sale with these prospects can drive them away.

Instead, start by assessing their needs based on which social media posts they came from. Using this information, bring them into your lead nurturing process through “soft” or “secondary” conversions. That might mean moving them into your email follow-up sequence or encouraging them to sign up for your newsletter or download a case study.

That said, don’t be afraid to connect on a personal level. If you have a phone number, give your prospect a call. Here again, steer clear of sales talk. It’s enough to mention you plan to email them some helpful information and ask if there’s anything else they might like information on.

Build Rapport Through Webinars

The friendly, relaxed atmosphere of a webinar provides an ideal bridge from the casual environment of social media. Done right, webinars familiarize your prospects with your firm and build a sense of rapport by giving them a chance to hear your voice and style of speaking. You’ll also have the opportunity to highlight your firm’s services and draw your prospects further into your marketing funnel.

To attract an audience, choose a topic that provides a clear, specific benefit to the people in your target market. That might be teaching them how to spot investment opportunities in the commercial building sector or how to improve their home’s energy efficiency with eco-friendly renovations. To keep your webinar social and interactive, engage with your audience by asking questions, inviting comments, and running polls.