5 Reasons To Use Lead Magnets

lead magent

When visitors land on your website, they’re not always ready to start a conversation immediately. Lead magnets help you grab your visitors’ contact information before they click away so you can continue building a relationship. Here are some tips to keep your readership reading.

Convince the undecided

When someone is in the information-gathering stage of planning a construction project, blog posts aren’t always enough to convince them to call or even fire off an email. An effective lead magnet, however, offers highly valuable, hard-to-find benefits your visitors just can’t pass up. It gives them a solid reason to hand over their contact information when they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Attract the right people

A typical lead magnet is narrowly focused on a specific topic. It might be a white paper on investing in senior housing or a guide to remodeling a home for energy efficiency. Because it appeals directly to someone considering investing in a specific type of construction project, it helps qualify your leads before you even speak with them.

Demonstrate your expertise

Lead magnets let you dive into specific topics and show off your in-depth knowledge. Offering exclusive research you’ve conducted yourself, such as a case study based on one of your firm’s projects, establishes you as a thought-leader in the industry. It positions your firm as both trustworthy and high-value.

Start building relationships

Your prospects need more than just facts before they decide you’re the right construction firm for them. They also need to see your team as people they’ll enjoy working with. A lead magnet lets you show your human side and express your company values to start developing more personal relationships.

Prime your prospects for sales

Because they provide so much value, lead magnets hold your prospects’ attention for longer than most content. That gives you more time to build your prospects’ interest and lead them toward making the decision to work with you.

Done right, lead magnets not only let you capture potential clients who might otherwise pass by, but they also help you win your prospects’ trust for an easier sales process.


5 Ways Surveys Can Help Build Your Construction Business

Your construction business is built on satisfied clients, but to win your clients’ satisfaction, you need to stay tuned in to their needs and wants throughout the buying cycle. Astutely designed surveys help you gather the information you need for better construction lead generation, project management, and post-project follow-up.

  1. Learn about your clients – The more you know about your clients, the better you can target your services to meet their needs. When you give your clients exactly what they want, you’ll have more satisfied clients out spreading the word about your firm. The information you collect through surveys also gives you an edge over competitors who base their decisions on trial and error.
  2. Capture sales leads – A short survey gets your prospective client engaged with your firm, making it an effective construction lead generation technique. A survey also helps qualify leads, giving you the information you need to quickly decide whether or not a lead is pursuing.
  3. Measure satisfaction – Just because the job went smoothly with no complains doesn’t mean your client was truly satisfied. Providing your clients with a survey after the work is done gives them a chance to let you know about anything that could have gone better. The job will end on a positive note and you’ll made aware of any flaws in your process so they can be corrected
  4. Gather social proof – Testimonials and reviews help ensure your would-be clients that you can be trusted with their high-budget construction project. A survey makes it easy for your past clients to provide their testimonial so they’ll be more likely to actually do so.
  5. Encourage loyalty – Surveys show your prospective and current clients that you’re paying attention and genuinely care about their needs. When your clients know you’re on their side, they’re more likely to stick with your firm for the long term. A survey can also give you insight into how you can get your past clients to return.

For more tips on using surveys for construction lead generation and client care, contact Construction Monitor today.

Nurturing Your Leads: How To Drive Conversions Without Annoying Your List

lead nurturingWhen you’re managing a lead nurturing list, it’s not always easy to find the line between building profitable relationships and coming off as pushy. By following a few guiding principles however, you can consistently lead your prospects toward sales while still keeping up your good rapport.

Always be Useful

There’s no such thing as too much valuable information. When you create your emails, think from your readers’ perspective and aim to provide some practical benefit in everything you send out.

While it’s nice to share news about new hires and partnerships, it doesn’t really help your readers. Too much of this and they’re likely to unsubscribe. Instead, consider the types of questions your prospective clients often ask and aim to answer them. Offer tips, how-tos, and insight that will help them reach their goals.

If you target two or more types of clients, such as homeowners looking to remodel and commercial real estate investors, segment your email lists. This lets you send each group information that’s tailored to their needs.

To ensure you always have something of value to say and for easier time management, develop an editorial calendar. In most cases, a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter is enough.

Pay Attention to Your Funnel

To be receptive to your sales messages, your prospects must be in the right mindset. Knowing where a prospect is in the sales cycle gives you insight into how they’re thinking so you can provide information that truly speaks to them.

With a lead nurturing list, focus on the needs of those still early in the sales cycle. Educate them on what you can offer and how you outperform your competitors. Encourage them to engage with you by emailing, calling or coming in to talk over the specifics of their plans. At this point, you can work on converting them to clients.

Segmenting your lists helps here, too. You might have one list for new leads and another for those who have taken action towards becoming a client.

Why You Need an Effective Email Follow-up System

Lead Magnets – What They are and Why You Need Them

Your would-be clients are busy professionals, so it often takes a little something extra to encourage them to get in touch. Lead magnets are one of the techniques construction lead services in Cedar City use to grab attention and attract promising prospects.

How Lead Magnets Pull in Prospects

Only a small fraction of website visitors are ready to do business on their first visit. Most are just gathering information and can easily forget about your site once they leave. While they might not be ready to buy, with the right incentive, they’re often willing to provide their contact information. Once you have this, you can begin to nurture your lead toward a sale.

A lead magnet is designed to turn a visitor into a lead. It encourages your website visitors to contact you to learn more about your services, sign up for your mailing list or otherwise provide their email or phone number so you can stay in contact.

What Makes a Powerful Lead Magnet

To do its job, your lead magnet must provide genuinely useful or at least entertaining material that your target prospects actually want. When deciding what kind of lead magnet to create, think about what topics your ideal clients are interested in. Once you’ve decided on a topic, consider the best format to use for delivering that information. Firms specializing in construction lead services in Cedar City can help you decide what to offer and how to package it. Options include:

  • A free consultation aimed at solving a specific problem
  • An email mini-course
  • Handy cheat sheets, checklists or templates
  • An intriguing case study or white paper
  • A lookbook that showcases trending construction methods or materials
  • Exclusive video content

A lead magnet shouldn’t aim to be a comprehensive guide to a broad topic. Instead, it should focus on specific, authoritative information or tools that will provide immediate results toward solving one of the potential clients’ most pressing problems.

To learn more about what construction lead services in Cedar City can do for you, contact Construction Monitor.

Building an Effective Lead Generation Website

With the right design, your website can become a powerful tool for lead generation in the construction business. Your website can build interest and trust while leading visitors to contact you.

Guide Your Visitors

Know the path you want your visitors to take from the first page they land on to the point where they contact you or provide their contact information. Most of your visitors will arrive through an internet search or social media post that brings them to an informational article or blog post. Whatever you post should make a good first impression.

From there, interested visitors will seek out information on what you do and how you work. Your services page should give them a plain English description of your services along with proof of your success, such as testimonials and hard data. On your about page, include photos and, ideally, videos featuring key staff to build the kind of trust that’s a critical factor in lead generation in the construction business.

Make Contact Easy

At the end of your articles and blog posts, include a clear call to action inviting the reader to get in touch. Leave out distractions such as links to old posts or your social media accounts.

On every page, include your contact information and mailing list signup as well as a prominent link to your contact page. On your contact page, list your phone number and email address along with directions to your office.

Keep your contact form simple. A name and email address or phone number is all you need at this stage.

Offer a Little Motivation

Most of your visitors will be content to browse the free information you provide and move on. Offering an incentive can give them the extra nudge they need to hand over their contact information. That incentive could be a free consultation, a time-saving checklist, cheat sheet or template, or even a short email course to help your prospects develop their knowledge on an important topic.

For more tips on effective lead generation in the construction business, contact Construction Monitor today.

Going Viral – How to Get Social Media Humming About Your Construction Business

social media marketingBecoming a hit on social media can be a huge boon for your construction firm, but it takes some creativity to reach that level of popularity. Once you do, you’ll find social media even more valuable for pulling in leads, reputation management, and opening up new opportunities.

Make It Memorable

If you want your blog posts, photos and videos to spread, they have to be worth sharing. Dry, shallow content won’t cut it.

When planning what to post, consider the kind of material that would resonate with your target audience. One of the simplest ways to attract attention is by providing useful content, such as infographics, resource lists, templates, case studies, and whitepapers that will help your target clients reach their goals.

Don’t be afraid to engage real emotions. It’s emotion that gives your followers a sense of connection strong enough to make them want to pass your posts on to their colleagues and friends. Make your followers laugh, inspire them or remind them of the positive.

Describe how you solved a particularly sticky problem, show a time-lapse video of a complex project or tell the backstory of one of your employees. Most importantly, be human.

Engage with Your Followers

Too many firms set up a social media presence and passively wait for their follower count to rise instead of trying to build relationships. When you don’t interact with your fans, your social media presence turns into something like one-sided traditional advertising. It’s impersonal and easy to forget.

By making genuine personal connections, you become far more memorable, increasing the chance your followers will share your posts. Maintaining this kind of engagement also makes reputation management easier should anything ever go wrong.

At the very least, respond to comments and questions with thoughtful replies, then go out and “like,” share, and comment on your follower’s photos and blog posts. You can also hold live Q and A sessions, conduct polls or run contests, such as photo-sharing contests and voting contests.

For more on using social media for growth and reputation management, contact Construction Monitor.