3 Innovative Ways to Generate Word-of-Mouth Referrals

referral programReferrals are some of the most promising business prospects you can get, but attracting them takes more ingenuity than ordinary advertising does. With a little creative referral marketing, you can build a steady stream of construction leads.

Make sending postcards easy: Keep the clients waiting in your lobby busy by giving them the opportunity to write a postcard that you’ll send for them. Have a pack of postcards printed up with your firm’s logo and contact information, and either a marketing message or an appealing image the recipient will want to hang on to. Place them in a display on your front desk with a sign explaining your offer. You could offer this as a “refer a friend” option or let your clients write whatever they want.

Showcase your top clients: When you create a presentation, workshop or post for your blog, find a way to highlight your best clients. Helping your clients gain visibility can bring them more business and encourage them to return the favor. In addition, the fact that they’re already working with you acts as an endorsement. It gives anyone considering hiring your firm a place to turn for a third-party opinion on your services.

Join a networking group: Meeting up with a group of other professionals for breakfast every Tuesday might not seem like an efficient referral marketing tactic, but consider that each one of those business people has a network of their own. Building real relationships with them gives you a chance to tap into those broader networks.

Interacting with a group of like-minded individuals also helps you develop your knowledge, pick up new marketing ideas, and gain connections and opportunities for collaboration.

As you get to know people in the group, aim to inform them of how you handle referrals. Let them know you treat prospects with respect and won’t hound them for work. This helps remove the perceived risk to someone who might want to send a friend or their own client your way.

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Why Relationship Building Should be the Cornerstone of Your Marketing Plan

By doing business with you, your construction clients place a lot of faith in your abilities and your personal integrity. Building strong, long-term relationships creates the kind of trust that will win you clients and referrals. Good rapport is also part of how remodelers work with difficult clients.

The Friendship Factor

Relationship marketing is based on the idea that your prospects and current clients need continuous personal attention, just like your genuine friends do. With so many construction firms just a click away, a prospect won’t choose you just because they found your name.

To see you as the clear choice, your prospects need to trust both your skills and integrity, and like you as a person. That kind of trust and respect is only possible when you’ve spent time getting to know your prospect. What’s more, when you have a real relationship, you can’t be easily replaced, which allows you to set more profitable prices.

Relationship marketing humanizes your firm, which plays a role in how remodelers work with difficult clients. Even if a client is demanding, indecisive or impatient, it’s easier to get them to cooperate if they already know and like you. This way you’ll be able to win and retain business from clients no other firm can handle.

More Referrals and Opportunities

Maintaining relationships with your current and past clients brings in more referrals. When a client refers business to you, they’re putting their own reputation on the line. No professional will do that unless they know they can trust you 100 percent. Developing that level of trust takes an on-going effort.

Strong relationships can also open up profitable business opportunities, such as partnerships and joint ventures, as well as favorable rates on materials or subcontracted work. A client who’s familiar with how you work and sees you as a friend will be far more likely to take the initiative in setting up mutually beneficial arrangements like these.

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Getting Repeat Business and Referrals: The Art of the Follow-up

lead follow upWhile making good first impressions is an important part of lead generation in the construction business, it’s only a small part. If you want those leads to turn into paying clients, you’ll need to follow up on them in a way that shows them your firm is the best fit for the job.

Provide Real Value

Frequently contacting a lead “just to check in” does nothing to demonstrate your value and, even worse, it can leave your prospect dreading your calls and emails. Instead, go in with the mindset of helping your prospect solve a problem they’ve already acknowledged. Contact them with information or opportunities that will get them closer to their goals.

  • Send articles, blog posts, case studies and other material that provides useful information.
  • Offer to connect them with an industry professional who could help them.
  • Let them know about a new product or service that could benefit them.
  • Invite them to a relevant conference, talk or networking event.
  • Invite them out for drinks or lunch to discuss any problems they’re facing.

This approach to lead generation in the construction business positions you as a helpful expert who can be trusted with complex, high-budget projects.

Be Consistent and Persistent

Some leads require more nurturing than others, so regularly follow up with anyone who’s expressed an interest in your services. By contacting a prospect frequently and consistently, you’ll be in front of them at the moment they’re ready to buy.

That said, if a promising lead has disappeared for weeks, it pays to send a polite message letting them know you assume they’re no longer interested. This is often enough to grab the attention of a busy professional, but it also keeps you from wasting time.

Develop a system to track your leads’ progress through your sales funnel. Having a plan to follow prevents valuable prospects from falling through the cracks and alleviates any concerns you might have about annoying prospects with too much contact.

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5 Ways Social Media Can Bring You New Customers

social media marketingSpend some time browsing construction-related conversations on the major social media sites and you’ll quickly notice what a rich source of targeted leads these platforms can be. With a little nurturing, those warm social media leads can turn into some of your best customers.

Positioning — The text, images and videos you post to your social media accounts will attract attention from developers and other professionals planning a construction project. Regularly posting relevant, useful information demonstrates your knowledge and skills, positioning you as a helpful, reliable expert.

Listen to your target market — Social media gives you an unparalleled opportunity to listen in on what your target market is talking about so you can learn exactly what they need and want. By searching for those who are already talking about construction issues, you can zero in on potential clients and take the initiative in connecting with them.

Build relationships — Through social media, you can connect with prospects and business partners you might otherwise never know about. Because these platforms are built for conversation, they make it easy to form the kind of close relationships that translate into sales and referrals.

Create events — Live events give your potential clients a chance to get to know you as a person and develop the rapport that’s critical for winning clients in a high-stakes industry like construction. Events draw attention to your firm and help you demonstrate your expertise while discovering your prospects’ most pressing concerns. Facebook Live, Twitter chats, Google Hangouts, and Reddit’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) are all options for bringing in social media leads.

Advertise — Many social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, offer paid adverting options that let you send out your message to precisely targeted groups. This kind of focus can bring a better return on investment than more general advertising venues, such as magazines and websites. Each platform is unique, so before you jump in, research the approach that works best for the platform you’ve chosen.

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3 Tips for Building a Construction Lead Email List

When it comes to online marketing for a construction business–or any kind of business– success or failure often depends on the email list. When you have new products or services to offer or you just want to promote your company, you can send emails to this list knowing there is already interest in your offerings. You can use the following three tips to help with email list building for your construction company.

  1. Exchange value for email address: Along with the useful information already on your website, blog, or social media pages, you can offer a particularly valuable item in exchange for a site visitor’s email address. In most cases, this will be an ebook, white paper, or report covering a specific issue or area relevant to visitors’ needs. Site visitors can enter their email into an opt-in form and then download the item. In this exchange, leads get useful information and you get their email address and permission to send more emails.
  2. Ask for referrals: Ask your existing customers for referrals (via email address) to friends, colleagues, or relatives who may be interested in your services. Happy, satisfied customers are usually very willing to provide referrals. You can then approach these referrals via email with higher confidence that they will be willing to hear your message.
  3. Provide ongoing news and information: You can acquire email addresses by providing an online subscription to a regular newsletter or other email-based publication. Subscribing to the newsletter will again require the lead to willingly give you an email address where the newsletter can be sent. This allows you to market your company through the content you provide in the newsletter. It also provides the opportunity to maintain awareness of your company by showing up regularly in the lead’s email.

Construction Monitor can help grow your business with up-to-date data on construction starts, along with suggestions for best practices in marketing and lead development. Contact us today for more information on email list building for the construction industry and how you can benefit from a large email list of both leads and existing customers.


Why Blogging Works to Generate Leads

Blogging now rates as one of the most effective strategies for construction lead generation for different reasons. Take a look at how Construction Monitor, a company that delivers leads based on building permits gathered nationwide, plus other pertinent construction information and statistics, structures its blog.

Construction Blog Categories

Construction Monitor’s blog categories are varied and target anybody associated with the construction industry. They include:

  • Construction technology
  • Construction tips
  • Construction trends
  • Green building / housing
  • Housing / building permits
  • Landscaping architecture
  • New construction
  • News
  • Pool and spa
  • Remodeling projects

Increase Your Construction Leads

In the last two months of 2016, Construction Monitor published posts directly related to construction lead generation and marketing. One such post deals with the value of creating buyer personas. Buyer personas are a snapshot of the relevant traits of an ideal customer, including what that customer would want. What constitutes an ideal customer depends upon the type of construction a company provides. For example, a maker of pools and spas could target a relatively prosperous family with children in the suburbs. Buyer personas, therefore, have the positive effect of sharpening the focus of marketing.

Another informative post is entitled “Know Your Audience: Where and How You Interact with Potential Customers Matters.” This post describes dealing with customer questions and problems in both in-person and online interactions. A critical factor in interacting with the customer online is answering their questions quickly — otherwise they’ll seek out other sources. It goes further, though, and notes how even the design and text of marketing materials can be geared toward specific target audiences.

A potentially valuable post for a client deals with the increasingly used professional networking platform, and one that can also help with construction lead generation, LinkedIn. To generate these leads, the article recommends going beyond merely creating a LinkedIn profile by actively connecting with relevant persons, joining groups, sharing information, and providing recommendations.

These are just three examples of very beneficial information which can be found on a company’s blog for construction lead generation. For more information about blogging, marketing, and other construction topics, call Construction Monitor today!

Best Practices for Online Lead Generation

Every day, your would-be clients are online looking for construction firms that can provide the information and services they need. Focusing on proven-effective online lead generation techniques will bring more of those clients your way.

Design Your Website to Bring in Leads

Your website is one of the most powerful tools you have for online lead generation, but to do the job effectively, it must be designed with focus. Everything on your site should guide your visitors toward contacting you. Provide content that highlights your services, include a call to action on every page, and offer incentives to sign up for your mailing list or call you.

Optimize for Online Searches

Once you’re confident your website is ready to turn visitors into leads, make sure it’s optimized to perform well in search engines. Add content that contains keywords your clients might use in their searches, correctly use HTML code such as header tags and image alt tags, and strategically interlink your pages. Check how your site works on mobile devices. If you hire an SEO company, choose one that can show you their prior successes.

Get Active on Social Media

Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube let you build relationships with people in your target market and turn those connections into sales leads. Instead of just posting photos of your latest projects, really engage with your market by answering questions, offering tips and suggestions, and asking your own questions. Consistency is critical. To avoid spreading your efforts too thin, stick with just two or three social media platforms where you can be active regularly and build a real following.

Invest in Pay-Per-Click

A pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign, in which you pay only when someone clicks your ad, can bring in highly targeted leads, but only when skillfully managed. You’ll need someone to monitor the campaign daily and continually tweak your ads and the list of keywords involved. You’ll most likely need a budget of several hundred dollars before you see a conversion.

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