Top Tips for Hiring Top-Notch Construction Workers

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Your workers are the backbone of your business, so the investment you make in attracting skilled laborers and craftspeople will pay off big. For the best results in your construction worker recruitment and training, go in with a plan.

construction leadsExpand Your Recruiting Reach

Look beyond the construction industry for potential employees. Transportation, manufacturing, agriculture and many other industries all attract people who could be an asset to your company. Focus on attitude and personality over construction experience. You want a self-starter with a positive attitude and a determination to benefit your company. Find someone like this and providing training will be a breeze. In fact, many construction companies offer internships and apprenticeships to attract future employees.

Your current employees can help with construction worker recruitment and training. To encourage them to recommend quality candidates, establish an employee referral program. Offer rewards such as cash bonuses, public recognition or travel vouchers to those who bring in the best potential employees, whether or not those candidates are hired. Recruiting this way has benefits beyond cost savings. Workers who come through referrals often fit the company culture better and stay longer than those recruited in other ways.

Spend Time Screening

Before you invite a job candidate for an in-person interview, hold a brief telephone interview. This gives you a time-efficient way to go over the candidate’s resume with them, discuss their career objectives, and get a general sense of their personality.

Take advantage of pre-employment assessment tests. The results of these tests help you evaluate the candidate’s proficiency with basic skills and spot personality traits that could cause friction in the workplace.

Do your due diligence when checking references. It may seem time consuming or even excessive, but talking with candidates’ former bosses can reveal unexpected issues that could change your mind about hiring them. In addition to the references listed on the resume, take the extra step to seek out foremen and supervisors who worked with the candidate.

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10 thoughts on “Top Tips for Hiring Top-Notch Construction Workers”

  1. I like the idea of holding an interview on the phone before in person for recruiting construction workers. I think it’s easier to not make quick judgments. Appearances tend to have a lot of influence on the way people look at you.

  2. I think that it is a great idea to expand your reach in order to recruit more quality workers. One thing that I have noticed is that great equipment attracts great workers as well. Reliable people will choose places that they know has the right tools available to them. Thank you for all of your helpful ideas!

  3. When I was looking for a job. The interviewer often asked me what are your near future plans. I bet because I told truth I didn’t end up getting the job as it sounded like I am more like short term employee, where they look for long term. So if you are hiring a new employee definitely ask this question. As it often reveals to see if they are looking for long term job. So you don’t waste time on training new employee. It never happy to see one leaving after couple month later.

  4. I like the advice you’ve given for screening potential candidates. Having a brief telephone interview should help screen candidates much more quickly. These tips will help me as I look up more information on hiring candidates and equipment rentals.

  5. I like that you pointed out that it is important to place more importance on attitude and personality over construction experience. Also, I think that it is really important to be creative with what you want to be done. There are a lot of construction companies that do out of the ordinary things that could be an asset in construction.

  6. Thank you for all this great information about choosing construction workers. I really like that you say to hold a brief telephone interview with them before meeting them. It would be nice to hear a little bit more about them and what they can do for you.

  7. Workers are the backbone of any company. So it is better to go with a plan while recruiting construction workers & providing them training. While recruiting them always focus on attitude and personality over construction experience. Look beyond construction companies to hire potential employees. Transportation, manufacturing, agriculture and many other industries all attract people who could be an asset to your company. Our present employees can also help in the recruitment process. We have to establish an employee referral program for recruitment of quality candidates. Before recruitment ,we have to spend time on screening. Before conducting in-person interview perform a brief telephonic interview to get a general sense of their personality.

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